Monday, November 9, 2009

'CEO of the Decade' by Fortune Magazine

On Monday, November the 9th, Fortune Magazine selected the CEO of the Decade: read the following article to find out who created one the most valuable companies of our times - a real groundbreaking technology leader. Why did that person receive this title? Who are the other business people he/she is compared to? Which company is more valuable than Google? What is its current value? Other related articles published by:
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Do you want to see what Bill Gates had to say about that? Watch the video and share your impressions with us:


  1. Steve Jobs,the co-founder of Apple is ''the CEO of the decade'' according to Fortune Magazine.
    He steered Apple away from possible self-distruction..he helped chart a course that led Apple to become a powerhouse in three separate industries,music,movies and cell phones..Jobs revived Apples dispate of the worst economi conditions since Great Depretion and his own helth problems,bout with cancer and liver transplant.
    He is compared to others industries revolutionists: Henry Ford- auto industry..Juan Trippe-global airline..Conard Hilton-American hospitability.
    Apple is more valuable than Google.
    Apple current value is $170 billion worth.
    What I've learned is that nothing can impede Steve Jobs(and us as well) to be the best in his area.

  2. The success story of Steve Jobs should become the plot of one of the Hollywood movies. I can say that he was a twice founder of Apple: firstly in 1976 and secondly in 1997 when he returned to the company and made it a flourishing one. As a result of his strategies Apple became one of the leaders in the industries of music, movies and cell phones or as it was stated in the article a “groundbreaking technology leader”. He made proof of strength and self confidence during his entire carrier. Even though Steve Jobs lost his position in Apple he set up a new business and went forward. Coming back to Apple meant a new era for the company- a glorious one. I believe that these are enough powerful arguments for awarding Steve Jobs the title of “CEO of the decade”.
    The overall recognition that he obtained gave the critics the possibility of comparing his achievements to the one of Henry Ford, Juan Trippe and Conrad Hilton.
    And I am sure that he deserves this distinction because with his return the value of Apple has increased spectacularly from $ 5 billion in 2000 to $170 billion in present, surpassing even Google.
    Steve Jobs is definitely a great personality. His entire life is a battle: a fight against injustice, misunderstandings, survival and life.
    He is for sure "CEO of the decade"

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  4. Fortune magazine selected Steve Jobs as the CEO of the Decade. I think that he was selected because in the last decade he led Apple to become a powerhouse in three industries: music, movies and mobile phones. In the last ten years the company has branched out, introducing and improving some digital appliances. Now Apple is the leader in portable music devices, digital music sales, smartphones, mobile app sales. Steve Jobs has helped make Apple one of the most valuable companies: $170 billion. Now Apple is more valuable than rival Google.
    Steve Jobs co-founded Apple with Steve Wozniak in 1976, went out from the company in 1980s and returned in 1997. After he has left Apple, he was involved in an industry-changing company: Pixar. He bought this company in 1996 and turned it in to the top 3D computer animation studio. As we see he turned his companies in the biggest and very successful companies in that time.
    He is one of the well known businessman in industry and he is compared with Henry Ford (auto industry), PanAm's Juan Trippe (invented the global airline). But I will also compare him with Soichiro Honda who’s company was one of the world’s biggest automobile makers. They both made his companies world known, they always made something new something interesting and useful, their producs always have a new and interesting design.
    Now Apple is the best known hardware producer.

  5. Apple, who ever thought that a "fruit company" like Forest Gump said, will become a such successful company in the harsh world of IT, and the most valuable in Silicon Valley. Well i think that this is due to the creative managing resources of Steve Jobs. He puts soul in everything he does and inspires this to 34,000 army that he leads. Also i think that Jobs is so good because he really loves Apple's products ( It is often noted that he is a true salesman, a showman an for sure he is because every presentation of his is a true show (
    All this are once again demonstrates that Steve Jobs is for sure "CEO of the decade".
    Gheorghe Secrieru FB28K

  6. To deserve a title the person should possess a great deal of traits. Steve Jobs is undoubtedly “CEO of the Decade” as he successfully managed to “…revive Apple and remake entire industries, defying the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression ..”.
    His steps to success and recognition occurred when he “got booted from his company in the 1980s..” event which strongly motivated him together with Apple “enter and change the industries of music, movies and cell phones”.
    According to Fortune, Steve Jobs was noted as ”… a born salesman, a magician who creates a famed reality-distortion field, a tyrannical perfectionist”, thus being compared to victorious businessmen like Henry Ford, Juan Trippe and Conrad Hilton, whose contribution to the US development and prosperity is totally justified.
    Besides acknowledging the fact that Google is listed in the 100 Top Brands according to Brandz as the most valuable one, it can be disputed as the Apple’s value was about $5 billion in 2000, and current worth of it is $170 billion.
    Concluding I would like to mention that “Things that don’t kill, make us even stronger”. I think the Steve Jobs’ triumph can surely demonstrate that self confidence mixed with strong potential and desire to changes made him a groundbreaking technology leader, owning the title of “CEO of the Decade”.

  7. There is no doubt that Steve Jobs have to be considered CEO of the decade. Steve is a rare businessman who proved that there is nothing impossible. He is the one who radically and lucratively reordered 3 markets in the past 3 years: music, movies and mobile phones.
    The decade of Steve actually began in 1997, after he returned to Apple. The year 2001 was the key year when Apple launched iTunes music software, the MacOX operating system, the first Apple retail stores and the first iPod. He has changed the world, introducing new technologies and great ideas.
    As for the financial results, they are amazing. From the year 2000 with $5 billion Apple has increased its returns to $170 billion in present, being more valuable than Google.
    Steve Jobs is a worldwide celebrity, who revived Apple and remade entire industries. Steve showed to everybody how can a man be confident in his forces, inimitable in his inventions and endeavours.

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  10. One of the most successful businessmen in the world of business is Steve Jobs.
    Apple CEO Steve Jobs is no stranger to accolades. At the ripe old age of 30, he—along with Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak—won the first National Medal of Technology. Most recently, he was named the most admired entrepreneur among teenagers. He is admired by geeks and businessmen alike, and his successes (and failures) with Apple, NeXT, Pixar, and Apple again fill the pages of numerous books. Given Apple's meteoric rise from near-bankruptcy in 1997 to the technology leader that everyone is trying to follow today, is it really much of a surprise that Fortune has dubbed Jobs.
    He is compared with legends of business world: Henry Ford, Juan Trippe, Conrad Hilton.
    I think we should take example of such successful businessman like him.

  11. Frankly speaking, it wasn’t surprising that Steve Jobs was named “CEO of the Decade” by Fortune Magazine. According to Forbes, he is on 1st place on the list of most powerful people in business .In 2007, he was #132 on the list of The World’s Billionaires. He was the businessman who proved that success doesn’t come to you…you go to it. He succeeded “in turning Apple into a groundbreaking technology leader and the most valuable company in Silicon Valley”. Since he returned in Apple he has changed the dynamics of consumer electronics with iPod; he persuaded the music industry, the television networks. Likewise, today Steve Jobs is Disney largest shareholder. At this moment no one has more influence over a broader swath of business than Steve Jobs. Fortune Magazine also compared Jobs with other businessmen, whom "turned captains of industry defined a single market that had previously not been dominated by anyone", including Henry Ford who "altered the course of the nascent auto industry," PanAm's Juan Trippe who invented the global airline and Conrad Hilton who "internationalized American hospitality". The report claimed that Apple is more valuable than its rival Google. Apple was worth about $5 billion in 2000, now its current worth of $170 billion.

    Puscas Marina,FB-28K