Friday, April 23, 2010

Video Resumes

Dear FB students,
one of the projects we have been working on is creating video resumes. It's tie to decide which project is the best! Check on the following links and send us your opinion: which one did you like best? Why? Pay attention to: organisation, creativity, English fluency, vocabulary, structure and sense of humour! If you were an employer, who would you rather give a job to?
1) Resume 1 Sanda
2) Resume 2 Victoria
3) Resume 3 Cristina V.
4) Resume 4 Radu
5) Resume 5 Elena
6) Resume 6 Cristina R.


  1. We, as potential employers,would like to invite to the interview the following people. First, Sanda's CV is one of the most structured CV and contains full and concise information about education, experience and professional skills.Moreover,by listening her CV we understood that her English is at a good level, which will help her to achieve better results.Second, in Lena's CV are very clear identified her personal skills, abilities and goals. Also, we understood that Lena will achieve everything she wants, thus being for a company an excellent worker. We would be glad to interview her.

  2. Imagining myself as an employer who received these video resumes and has to make a choice I will probably invite for an interview Sanda Condratiuc and Volcova Elena. I enjoyed listening the presentations, due to their dynamics and enthusiastic manner of speaking of the girls. Besides this, Sanda and Elena have demonstrated their diligence and responsibility, as the girls have started working upon their personal development since they were at school. I think that an employer would appreciate this fact. Moreover, I believe that another characteristic that would help girls get a job is their ability to learn fast and to be creative. It is appreciable that both girls worked during summer as Sanda did or helped their parents in case of Elena. So, even though they were still young for a serious job position, girls didn’t give up and found themselves something useful to do. As an employer I would be impressed by their activities. That’s why, I would give preferences for Sanda or Elena.

  3. If I were an employer and I would have to choose a person, who would have to work for our company by watching video resumes, I would be interested in the enthusiasm of the person when describing him/herself. I definitely like the resume of Sanda and Elena.

    Sanda is a self-confident person, she really knows what she wants to do in the future and how will she achieve her goal. What I also liked is the fact that Sanda mentioned the skills and ideas that could help the company develop and that she is interested in finding out new things. This shows that she is sure that she has a lot of interesting things to learn and she is ready for this.

    Elena is certain about her abilities and how they can help a company develop its activity. She is a strong person that likes competition this proves the idiom: “There is nothing that you can’t overcome “. Her spirit can inspire a team to be tough and to continue their work no matter what. Whether they succeed or they have to take their time to be more concentrated on the final result that they want to achieve.

    YOU ARE HIRED. :))
    e-mail me:

  4. Each of these video-resumes are original in their own way. I liked them all, but especially Victoria's. I cannot hide the fact that the soundtrack impressed me a lot and her cheerful voice purely and solely "obliged" me to listen to it.If I were an employer I would have taken into consideration her creativity, which I have noticed from the very begining, and her skills, that she has talked about. I think a job that supposes communication and interaction with people would fit her perfectly and she would get through it for sure, just like the makers of the other video-resumes. :)

  5. All of the videos were worth to take a look at, but taking into consideration all the criteria mention by above, I would invite Sanda (Video nr.1) for an interview.

    Good look!

  6. If we were employers, we would certainly be interested in Sanda C.’s and Elena Volcova’s video resumes. We think that their resumes contain necessary information linked with the required skills and create a complex image of their personalities.
    According to their brief description about themselves, we believe that their personal and professional development will be useful for the evolving of our company.

    Pushcash Marina and Tiuliuliuc Alina

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  8. I like 2 videos Victoria and Elena's, but Victoria impressed me more. Her voice is nice and her creativity in chosing img and making the design of the video caught my attention. This girls did a great job ;) Good luck to them in the future, and I can firmly say that they can be a good emplories ;)
    What about me....Firstly thank you for appreciation and secondary what can I say is that I just had fun during the process of making this CV ;) and I didn't thought about getting such popularity and usefulness of my work, hope that for student this would be a good exaple and their future video CV will be better then mine. GOOD LUCK GUYS ;)

  9. I like 2 videos Victoria and Elena's, but Victoria impressed me more. Her voice is nice and her creativity in choosing img and making the design of the video caught my attention. This girls did a great job ;) Good luck to them in the future, and I can firmly say that they can be a good implores ;)
    What about me....Firstly thank you for appreciation and secondary what can I say is that I just had fun during the process of making this CV ;) and I didn't thought about getting such popularity and usefulness of my work, hope that for student this would be a good example and their future video CV will be better then mine. GOOD LUCK GUYS ;)

  10. I liked very much Victoria's cv. She did it in an interesting way and if I were an employer i would hire her. From the video resume we see that she had communication skills and creativity.
    Also I liked Sanda's Video CV. Her CV contains all information about her skills and experience and also it is organised very good. I see that she is a hardworker and know how to do her job in the best way.

  11. Sanda...

    should probably steer clear of “troubles,” although her explanation is unique and shows good mental capacity; please consider replacing the word “troubles” with “challenges” as it carries much better connotations to native English speakers… this simple change would make her opening very strong as opposed to being an initial “red-flag.” Her academic history is very well laid out, and I really like her realistic assessment of current capabilities (it shows a certain level of honesty.) Be careful of talking about “firing,” and especially steer clear of saying that people who have been fired are losers… many people who run companies in the present may have themselves been fired in the past. There is really no reason to talk about being fired, as it is already assumed that one does not want to be fired. Other than that, her work history is good, and so is her description of job-skills (including the openness to gaining more skills on the job.) All in all, very well done.

  12. Victoria...

    needs to show more focus… she had many dreams as a child (very healthy and normal) but does not yet seem like she is ready to commit to a career path. Finance/Banking, Radio/Ad, Painting/Ceramics… very different fields on the surface. If she were to choose one (i.e. advertising) and build a case for her interest in that field through her experiences and skills, then her diverse set of abilities would become an asset rather than a liability. (Example: in the case of advertising: understanding the finance/banking industry would be helpful with a large segment of clientele, and her knowledge of multiple languages synergistically enhances her contact with a global industry such as finance/banking; interest in painting/ceramics is a good indicator of creativity and makes her a good candidate to actively participate in the creative process of advertising; and her time in radio is a solid experience that is related to advertising.) She seems very talented, and is probably a great potential hire with a bright future.

  13. Cristina...

    gives a very clear presentation, the slow speaking is great for allowing thoughtful deliberation. I would recommend taking a few more moments to discuss time spent in the catering industry (“preparing feasts”) in terms of responsibilities and specific skills used. Good listing of strengths, and personal hobbies (financial news, and business plans…) Be ready to talk about financial news in the interview, as well as past business plans. Good closing pitch on being a part of the team while pursuing further personal development; excellent summarization of yourself as responsive, creative and communicative. Just a side-note, if one is looking to be a “companion,” it means a girlfriend or wife… probably not the reason she is about to check her e-mail (or at least not pertinent to a potential employer.) Very good presentation overall.

  14. Elena...

    also has a well organized resume… I really like the introduction of her philosophy that “There is nothing that you can’t overcome,” especially with the tie-in to her work ethic of working hard to achieve goals and not stopping until the goal is realized. Transitioning from this into “Now my goal is to get a job in your company” is very powerful. I would suggest cleaning up the bit about teaching experience: leading a group is a very viable job-skill; “making lessons interesting” is only viable if you are applying for a teaching job. (Perhaps an emphasis on communication with students of varying abilities would be a more marketable job-skill.) Good work history, well constructed. Moving into university experiences, I am not sure what being a part of a labor union means… many companies will be “turned off” by someone simply saying they are part of a union; more explanation required. Her openness to continuing education, balance of work/pleasure, and confidence of educational preparation is a good way to end. Also, very high level of English communication throughout.

  15. Radu...

    has a well organized resume… in terms of education history, I would leave out middle school as it has no relevance to entry level jobs (and graduating from high-school inherently means middle school has been completed.) He should consider placing the “Science Olympiad” within the educational background, as an extracurricular activity that demonstrates skill and social involvement. Very good to include language as a central theme of professional skills; this synergizes well with his volunteer experience in a school for the visually impaired and communicating with people from other countries (although this statement of “communicating with people from other countries” needs more detail, where did it occur?) I like the ending with three words that obviously mean something to Radu (Believe, Achieve, Succeed.) It gives me a sense that Radu believes in the power of optimism and understands that success is directional.

  16. Cristina’s...

    video resume is very well constructed. Two pieces of advice: 1) adjust the volume… although the soft volume is very effective for the opening (“listen” very softly spoken really grabbed my attention; excellent!) and 2) drop the “I really like people” segment, it is too cliché and weakens the overall experience, spend the time giving more detail about the Avon and Oriflame experiences (minimally, include your job titles.) Outside of that, the tone is very confident and positive. A very good command of English is evident. Excellent and succinct. I really, really liked this one.

  17. Finally, advice good for everyone...

    I would warn Sanda and Cristina to only build their own case for employment, and not to cast peers in a negative light (“summer partiers” and “lazy”) in order to do so. While it is tempting to use others as a contrasting backdrop, employers do this on their own by comparing applicants to other applicants. Thus, applicants who spend the most time organizing their strengths into a coherent picture, and realistically addressing their own weaknesses (best done in an interview, and not via resume,) are going to build a positive contrast. Also, taking a strong stand against partying and relaxing might actually raise concerns that you do not value the importance of balance in life. An employer is not interested in hiring someone who works 24/24, and people who strive to only work are very likely to “burn-out” in the near-term. Of course, don’t swing the opposite way and talk about how you love to party… this, too, could be negatively viewed. Just be human, as robots are not hired. :^)

    All of you did a really great job, and I really enjoyed each one of your videos. Please take my advice only in a constructive manner, as I truly hope that each of you reaches your dreams and potential in life. Congratulations on an excellent project, and good luck!

  18. I liked the Cristina Reshetnic's CV. It attracts your attention from the first seconds.

  19. i was watching the video resumes and i think this guys did a good work on creating their own cv's, the video which i liked more of all it was the Elena's one, she began with a good quotation, she was concret and specefic, maybe there are few things where she have to work one them but still, i think Elena had a good start and she must to continue...good job!!!