Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Magenta Consulting - Research in Moldova

Dear FB students,
We have discussed a lot about international business projects, but not too much about how business is being approached in Moldova. Meet Magenta Consulting - suring 2009, Magenta Consulting has carried out 62 researches that have been based on 18.840 interviews, over 470 mystery shopping situations, 115 in-depth interviews, 68 focus groups, 42 store-checks, 16 feasibility studies and 8 industrial analyses of the Moldovan market.

Select one of the following studies and write a short response essay: 1st paragraph - a summary and the 2nd - your personal opinion / analysis / interpretation / prognosis, etc.


  1. Awareness of magazines in Moldova.
    Magazines are the No. 1 medium of engagement — across all dimensions
    measured. Simmons’ Multi-Media Engagement Study find magazines continue
    to score significantly higher than TV or the Internet in ad receptivity and all of
    the other engagement dimensions, including “trustworthy” and “inspirational.”
    One of the recent researches conducted by Magenta, based on Magenta National Screening service, analyzed the notoriety of magazines.This research shows that in Moldova people are also interested in reading magazines. The methodology applied at studying notoriety – assisted and non-assisted research. The list contained 43 magazine titles, 52% of respondents indicated Liza magazine as the most recognized; with 0.9 p.p, less the second place is held by Aquarelle (51,4 %). The third place, in the case of assisted notoriety, with 37,8% of votes is held by VIP Magazin. The forth place in the same ranking being granted to Cosmopolitan (36,9%). The same situation occurs in case of non-assisted notoriety, where the same four magazines maintain the same positions, but with different shares, or at a different distance from each other.
    I was really impressed by the fact that Liza is on the first place and I am glad because I see on the top of the list Moldavian magazines.This proves that Moldova has also successful media.

  2. Add friend request: social networks and advertising
    Social networks are a very good way of advertising a product or a service. There are a lot of people who spend their time on talking with friends on sites as,,, which represent a strategic point for the marketers to make a promo on what the distributors offer to the consumers. This is called viral marketing, when a user distributes the information about a product or service. It can be a video, photos, flash games or a text that would keep the customer’s interest high. Social networks can make easier the life of a marketer only when it places the advertisement on the right site, focusing on the right audience. Advertising was always present on the social web sites, but it lives under the community discussions, because it makes a segmentation of the people, from where a marketer can see their interests, choices and preferences.

    I think that social networks offer to the marketers a good platform of posting their ads. It is an easy way of attracting the consumers because a lot of people have at least one account on,, etc. These sites develop the conception of word-of-mouth, when people interconnect and distribute the information about a service or a good that they liked. In my opinion it is an expensive way of promo, but it is not always efficient, as marketers should attract the attention of the users. Social networks are created for entertainment, that is why the audience should be kept entertained. There is a rule in this sphere: try to avoid mistakes, as there can not be a second chance.

    The basic element in a successful promotional campaign represents the research, both upon market and consumers. The results of the made researches may help the company in finding the best strategies in order to achieve the goal. You can find out if the promotional campaign either succeeded or not if its investors got the results they have expected.
    Magenta has recently made some researches, based on Magenta National Screening service, about the notoriety of magazines in Moldova. In order to provide the most realistic situation, Magenta decided to apply within its research two techniques – assisted and non-assisted research.
    From all the magazine titles that were in the list, and there were in number of 43, 52% of respondents indicated “Liza” magazine as the most well-known, followed by “Aquarelle” with 51.4% and “VIP Magazin” – 37.8%. Almost the same situation is according to the non-assisted notoriety research, only the numbers differ.
    To be sincere, I have never heard about the “Liza” magazine and it was a surprise for me to see it on top :) That is why I think that soon either “Aquarelle” or “VIP Magazin” will be number 1. This is my prognosis for the next year :)

  4. Most preferred advertisement means in Moldova
    Advertisement is a part of a strategy which is developed to increase the number of clients, sales and brand awareness. Magenta consulting did a research of the preferences of Moldovan population with regard to advertisement channels and they presented a rating of these channels for local population. According to the figure 1 we see that population is more interested in such advertising as: tastings, special events, gifts and accessories. Also we see that people are indifferent to some ads like: newspapers and magazines, movie theater, radio, flyers, in public transport. There are some kind of advertising that people dislike: by SMS, in the elevator, on trash cans, by e-mail. Magenta consulting also presents the advertisement characteristics that are most appreciated by the public. We can observe that the most important characteristics of an advertisement are the humor and the content which were nominated by almost half of population – 48%.
    Advertising is a way to communicate to consumers about new products, but sometimes there are too much ads and people are sick and tired of them. For example some consumers dislike advertising at TV, radio and newspapers. I think that companies must focus more on tastings, events, and gifts and to add less ads at TV and in magazines. Nowadays are so many types of advertising, but most of the companies still use classic ones: radio, flyers. In my opinion, instead of making there boring ads, they must think about something funny and new.

  5. ,Most preferred advertisement means in Moldova'

    Advertising is a key element in business development, representing a powerful strategy used to increase consumer numbers, sales and recognition on the market.

    According to Magenta Consulting, the research among the Moldovan consumers, on the most efficient and preferred advertising tools are those free of charge like : tastings, special events, exhibitions. At the psychological level the most effective are : banners and light boxes. Recommended channels are TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. All the mentioned tools give the possibility to choose if you want/don't want to see the advertising.

    On the other hand the report by Magenta Consulting indicates the existence of mixed advertising, which forces the population to receive advertising information. The most important elements mentioned by the population are humor and advertising content.

    Despite all the strategies and tools used by the companies, a lot of people are irritated by advertising. Maybe this is caused by the violent, intensive, out-of-date promotions. In my opinion the solution is creativity and the implementation of new advertising instruments. They will send clear messages, being used depending on the product and customer segmentation.