Friday, March 2, 2012


1. Watch Scene 1:

- write 3 things you learned about Widgets.
- what do the following refer to?
1960, daughter, Tokyo, 400, Felix, Rebecca

2. Watch Scene 2:

- What is Victoria's educational background?
- What is doesn't Victoria like?
- How does Victoria explain "Think outside the box"?
- what do the following refer to?
10 years, teamwork

- What are Felix and Rebecca talking about?
- Did Titus have a good weekend? Explain.

4. Watch Scene 4 and Scene 5 and write a short summary of Felex's presentation (departments, HR Department duties, RD Department duties).

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  1. 1. “Widgets”- the company of the twenty second century that invents useful things. These things can fix some problems for you. “Widgets” has some products it has made recently for example: spect-oculars; backpack umbrella; kitty floats and heavy handbag.
    “Widgets” was started in 1960 by one man named Steven Brayer. Today “Widgets” is run by Steven’s daughter Victoria. “Widgets” is an international company with offices all around the world in New York, Honk Kong, Paris and Tokyo. “Widgets” employs over 400 people. Felix is the director of human resources and he takes care of staff. Rebecca is the director of sales and marketing, she is head of products sales and marketing of those products.
    2. Victoria studied law at the University of Toronto then she went on to practice with a large firm in Chicago for 8 years. Victoria does not like wasted time, wasted money, and wasted talent. “Think outside the box” means be creative and find solutions to problems in different ways.
    Victoria took over the business when her father retired as president of “Widgets” 10 years ago. The important thing to remember about this company is teamwork.
    3. Felix and Rebecca were talking about their weekend and what they did within these days. Titus did not have a good weekend because his grandson wanted to go to bowling, but Titus hated bowling besides he pulled a muscle in his shoulder.
    4. Felix Day speaks about the different departments that make up “Widgets”. There are 4 main departments at Widgets: human resources; research and development; finance; and sales and marketing. Human resources department is in charge with hiring new employees, training staff, firing employees and also making sure that everybody is happy. The HR department does employee reviews. Research and development department’s main role is to create new ideas for Widgets products, and also here an idea can be changed or improved. In RD people are creative and productive and work in teams to make every product perfect.