Thursday, April 16, 2009

Let's share our Voicethread Projects

Dear ASEM FB students and Forsyth American Partners: this week we are going to share our wonderful Voicethread Project. Your task is to choose 3 PROJECTS you liked and

LEAVE text or voice COMMENTS to at least 3 other projects done by your colleagues!
Let's see which project will get the biggest number of comments; by the end of the project I will assign 3 diplomas to:
- the most original and creative Voicethread Project
- the most entertaining Voicethread project
- the best English narration Project.

Good luck - we are looking forward to hearing your comments on our projects!
Project 1 The World under the Heel (by Alina )
Project2 E-Banking ( by Anatoli)
Project3 The Most Powerful People of Moldova (by Anastasia )
Project 4 Corruption ( by Olga )
Project 5 How does the crisis affect SPORTS (by Stas)
Project 6 Remittences (by Liza)
Project 7 Sweatshops - How big brands violate the world (by Alex)
Project 8 Corruption in Moldova (by Natalia)
Project 9 Sweatshops (by Marina)
Project 10 The End of the World (by Diana)
Project 12 Recycling in Moldova (by Aliona)
Project 13 Women in Business (by Valeriu)

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