Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Learning from Donald Trump

"The Apprentice" is an American reality television show hosted by Donald Trump, a famous business magnate. Billed as "The Ultimate Job Interview," the show stars sixteen to eighteen businesspeople competing in an elimination-style competition for a one-year, $250,000 starting contract of running one of business magnate Trump's companies. Even Arnold Schwarzenneger was involed in the show!!!What did he say about his success story in US - what is the KEY to success according to Schwarzenneger?
Take your time to watch the video and list the 4 business tips for young entrepreneurs Donald Trump is describing. Can you name them?


  1. i was convinsed again that business is a hard game without any emotions, how one businesman said : " Heart is for family...for business brain" , so how much usefull and carefully will we use our brain and analitical research, that faster our business will grow...Business is CRUEL!!!

  2. I agree with your statement! Yes, business is a hard game ...a jungle game where the strongest gets everything. The secret is ...trying to be and BE the best player in your sphere! The next step is order to have a successful business one should make people respect and obey them. Nevertheless the relationship between the boss and the rest of the team should be based on trust,obedience and loyalty as well. If the team is a professional one almost 70% of the success is assured! The rest depends on following the market research,choosing the right product(needed by the consumer) and launching it in an original way! The only rule is: Never be afraid of taking risks! That's business:Risk... Who doesn't risk does not drink champagne! :P

  3. I totally agree with the idea that only a loyal employee should be taken to work as if you betray the secrets of a company ,you surely will be listened but NOT HIRED.The main point that we must take into consideration is to NOT HAVE FEAR,because this kills the enthusiasm.All we can do is in our mind and we must USE it!

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  5. In my opinion, every business starts with the idea/dream and with the goal of making it real. You will find the key to success only if you use all the forces you have (physical,mental,financial). According to Arnold Schwarzenneger, if you want to succeed then you have "to be hungry for" your goal, and it totally depends on how willing you are to get through all the obstacles you may have in front. He also said that, on your way to the top "you are always under attack and must know exactly when and how to defense and attack back".
    In the video, Donald Trump is talking about some principles that a leader of a company or a business should take count of:
    1)."inspire your staff and make them respect you";
    2)."know all the strengths and weaknesses of your employees: who is really good at and where?";
    3)."money is very important so, you must know how are they used in your company and you must always answer quickly and precisely to the question HOW MUCH (does the company have,does it spend,does it get per day/month/year etc.)";
    4)."get rid of disloyal employees, because loyalty of employees makes a company develop".
    I think that a businessman that reached all these objectives has a powerful and profitable business =)

  6. Oh yes!, loyalty the key word in a successful partnership, the quality of being true and faithful in one's support of sb/sth, "A disloyal person can totally destroy you cooperation",in my opinion this must be the basic quality of an employ thus it will lead to a trustful relationship further more it will perform the main idea of the business (EARNING MONEY). The higher is your income - the higher is the potential of your business... And let us remember Time means Money - so the quicker you are the higher is your income. :)

  7. Donald Trump is an awesome person and a businessman! I liked the tips he gave to the joung business beginners.He works with people and that is why he makes life interesting because it is his way of doing business. The ideea about the meetings...a totally agree that they should be quick, short, and to the point.You don't have to waste your time because everybody gets bored and even exhausted. There are a lot of hours in which you can manage to do so much things. Think , act and live fast and you will make a killing for sure.
    Mr Trump gave an advice about loyalty. Loyalty from his point of view is one of the most important things. A disloyal person in the company can lead to the fact that it can cost the director a bomb to have him/her in the team. Another thing is that the CEO must know the weaknesses and strengths ot his employees and always push them and motivate to work with pleasure and interest.
    I like experienced people...they are very simple but good psychologists. They can easily understand by the face mimics or gesture the person in front of them. If at least a part of the businessmen in MOldova used the tacticts of DOnald Trupm i think they could succeed in their businesses for sure. :))