Monday, May 11, 2009

Moldovan Wine Industry


  1. I think Russian Federation didn't act very diplomatical when banning the export of Georgian and Moldovan wines in 2006.They had motivated it by the pretext that the producers exported falsified wine to Russia,that was full of heavy metals and pesticides.As a result,they had thrown away all the tons of wine.In my opinion it was not just a money loss,but an insult to the producers and to the entire nation.
    I think the embargo was impossed not because of the bad quality of the wine,but due to the political problems at that times,when Georgians began pro-NATO moves,but Moldova had a different point of view from Russian's one regarding the future of Transnistria.
    Due to the latest indices we can observe that te export of wine increased a lot (by 64%).Even Russia is now importing the product,but in half proportion than it was before the embargo.A big percentage (84%)of the entire production is exported abroad (in CSI,EU),which shows us that the Moldovan wine is recuperating positions.
    I think our wine is still a qualitative product and it depends on the govermental laws,producers' techniques and people's demand if the rate of export increases or not.We all hope that events such as 2006 embargo will not happen,as we should go up on the scale of not just producing,but exorting too.
    My predictions are that the percentage of exported wine will increase step by step,but safely.

  2. I think that is a very good topic for presentation because it is actual for our country.The winw industry plays a significant role in the Moldovan Economy.Moldova is highly dependant on wine and it is considered the backbone of the agricultural sectors.The political leadership of Moldova has recognized that its wine industry is a national treasure and has made a concerted effort-althought many think with not enough focus or commitment-to attract foreign investment,to encourage local producers and to restructure the whole industry with an eye to making their products more competitive in the global market.
    At present,one of the major problems of the Moldovan Wine industry consists in the bad packaging of good quality wine.The Moldovan glass industry is represented by four enterprisesn of witch two produce wine bottles.One of them is the "Glass Enterprise of Chisinau".It is the only enterprise in Moldova that produces bottles made of decolorized glass. "Glass Enterprise of Chisinau" produces a full range of wine and other bottles and is preparing to start production of bottles made of decolorized glass for champagne.The "Cristall-Flor" Joint Stock Society was once the only enterprise in Moldova producing green wine bottles. In the Soviet period it held a monopoly on the local market for wine bottles. At present the majority of wineries with high exports import their bottles, mostly from Bulgaria and Romania.