Monday, September 7, 2009

Top 2009 Brands

Brandz has already published the Top 100 Brands list for 2009. Compare this year's list with the one we read in class (Brandz 100 Top Brandz 2008). Which brands went up and which ones went down? Why?


  1. Due to the 2008 and 2009 Brandz ranking it is obvious that Vodafone has a big increase of 13 places(up from 22 to 9).Tesco and ICBC raised for 11 places,Apple for 10(from 16 to 6),SAP for 8,MC Donald's for 6(from 11 to 5).Honda is the brand that has gone down for 14 places(from 36 to 50)which shows us a big loss,the same as DoCoMo,down for 16 places from 23 to 39.The biggest decline is shown by Citi that went down 41 places(from 8 to 49) as well as Mercedes fall down for 11 positions( from 29 to 40).This ranking shows us that people from all over the world get used more to the techniques,food and communication than to the clothes(as Louis Vuitton went down for 9 places).

  2. It is also remarkable that comparing the 2008 and 2009 Brandz ranking we notice that Google has been named world's No 1 brand for the second year running, in a row with 16% year-on-year increase in its value! Google beat Microsoft to the top spot with a great difference in the brand value estimated(Google's worth 23,790$M more than Microsoft). Nevertheless, Microsoft and Coca Cola are keeping their positions in the top 5, registrating an increase in brand valuation by 8% and 16% compared with 2008!

  3. I consider that all this tops and numbers show what people like, what do they need and how much do they pay in order to accomplish their wishes and goals, but at the same time, these wishes and goals come from what new technology, drink, or car etc. they have seen or heard about and they would like to have. Because we live in a continuously progressing world, in which companies try to develop/improve their products and services. This is what people are attracted by. For example, Google always has something new to offer: new programs and facilities for users. That’s why they succeed in being at the top. McDonald’s got in the Top 5 because they introduced healthier food alternatives like salads, fresh juices- they noticed the consumers’ rising concerns about health… Because of the same reason Malboro dropped down four spots to 10th- people try to have a healthier way of life. The Bank of America went down for 28 places to the 41st . It may be because people don’t trust it so much like they did before or maybe America is not the same like it was in the past?!... Apple got 10 spots up to Nr 6 because of their well-known products like i-Pods, i-Phones- new products on the market that people got interested in. In my opinion, these changes exist because people also change often their habits and desires. WE are not constant, so we’ll see the Top100Brandz2010
    Marina =)

  4. Acording Brandz we see that value of brands remains strong.The total value of the BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands has increased by 2 percent to just under $2 trillion dollars ($1.95 trillion to be precise). Nine of the top 10 brands from last year remain in the top 10. Among the top 100 brands, 85 remain from last year’s listing. Of those that have dropped out of the ranking, nine were from categories particularly hard-hit by the economic storm: cars, fnancial institutions, and insurance. Of the 17 categories covered this year, 11 have increased in overall brand value. Most others have experienced only a moderate erosion in value. Even the luxury category has gained in brandvalue by 10 percent, affrming the deep and enduring claim that well-crafted items and brand heritage have on our imaginations and wallets. Customers are not holding their breath during this economic instability. They are adjusting their coping strategies, while remaining determined to purchase brands that contribute to the pleasure, quality, purpose, and security of their lives, here comes The Top 20 risers chart which lists the brands that gained the most in brand value year-on-year. It includes a diverse range of brands. The list includes fnancial, mobile, spirits, technology, retail, beer, fast food, coffee and cigarette brands, proving that you can build a strong brand in any category. Some of the world’s fastest growing brands have been built by personalizing technology. The success of brands like Google, BlackBerry, Apple and Amazon is amazing. Each of these brands is delivering an experience that is not only easy, friendly and fun to use, but one that is customized to each user. In my opinion, I think that this top is a good idea because it increases the competition between different brandz, and the products are gettin better, as a result the customers benefit from that.

    by Victoria Morari, FB 28 G