Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Best Countries for Business in 2009 - where is Moldova?

Forbes has published its annual rating of best countries for business - this time for the 2009 year.The Best Countries for Business ranking looks at business conditions in 127 economies. This is not a tally of economies with the highest gross domestic product growth or lowest unemployment. Rather, the goal is to quantify for entrepreneurs and investors the oft-qualified dynamics of international economies and make it usable for planning and investing purposes. New to the top 10 this year: New Zealand, Australia and Norway. Falling out of the top 10: Finland, Ireland and Switzerland.

As you know, last year Moldova landed on the 90th place. Read Forbes new list and tell us if this year our country went up and down and why. What is your prognisis for 2010?


  1. According to Forbes, Moldova is on the 95th place in the list of the Best Countries for business in 2009. It's a pity it fell down 5 places from last year. It might have happened because of the economic crisis which affected all the countries, developed or not so, directly or indirectly. Despite the market-oriented progress which resulted from the government's primary goal of EU integration, Moldova got "hurt" more because of the global economic slowdown that definitely aims at it (I mean here the EU and Russia) as our country relies greatly on remittances from Moldovans abroad.

  2. Moldova went down 5 positions according to Forbes, if in 2008 it was placed on the 90th, in 2009 is on the 95th. The reason is obvious, economic crisis did not seriously effect the Moldovan economy in 2008 due to its low exposure to the international financial system, but a global economic slowdown, particularly in the EU and Russia, could hurt the economy in 2009 as Moldova relies heavily on remittances from Moldovans abroad. If to speak about an eloquent example this would be Denmark, which looks very good in the top of 2008, and 2009. Danish economy's mix of low inflation and low unemployment, emphasis on entrepreneurship and lower taxes. These qualities combined with high marks for innovation and technological savvy lift Denmark to the top of our third annual ranking of the Best Countries for Business (formerly the Forbes Capital Hospitality Index). Sure, Moldova can’t advance so fast but if to take in the consideration that our policy has the opportunity to change, I think the begin is possible. Or, it’s time to bright up our people! If they are constrained to emmigrate because of money, the best solution is Denmark, not Italy or Portugal…there’ no more free space! Learn danish & go there! :))

    by Victoria Morari FB 28 G

  3. Moldova takes the 95th position in the list of the Best 120 Countries for Business list compiled by Forbes.
    Moldova is outrun by Guyana, Algeria, Nigeria, Russia, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, and Indonesia. At the same time, the business environment in Moldova is more attractive than in Philippines, Argentina, Uganda, Mozambique, Guatemala, Nepal, Mali, Zambia, Honduras, and Burkina Faso.
    Moldova is placed the 110th by monetary freedom, 103rd by innovation, 100th by technology, 85th by corruption, 78th by personal freedom, 76th by investor protection and 60th by red tape.The list is headed by Denmark, Iceland, Finland, the United States, the UK, Sweden, Canada, Singapore and other countries. Romania ranks 40th, Georgia – 68th, Ukraine – 75th and Russia – 86th.
    I think that in 2010 Moldova will fall down because of the crisis.

  4. As we observe,Moldova remains to be one of the poorest countries in the Europe.It went down 5 position according to Forbes,it means that in 2009 is on the 95th place.Why Moldova fall down,but not up?First of all-Moldova has not enough mineral deposit,so it must import almost of its energy supplies(Moldova's dependance on Russia energy).Then another problem is the presence of an illegal separatist regime-Transnistria region.Also,political instability do not help to implement economic reforms.More than that,the economy remains vulnerable to higher prices,coruption and of course-the skepticism of foreign investors.

  5. Some people believe that Moldova should integrate in EU and tap into new European markets; others argue that remaining a stable partner of Russia is a better solution.

    Placed at the borders of EU from one side, and from another being connected with ex-USSR countries, mostly with Russia, R of Moldova one way or another should choose a direction. The question is: which one? The only people who can answer this are its citizens realizing what they want, a bright stable past or unknown perspective future. A true moral battle, may I say, making people really disoriented.

    Opening new markets with different countries for instance is vital for Moldova, not only depending on everything only on one source, making it highly dependent. A small country can’t lock its borders having no own resources and especially to develop by its own. High European standards prove that their development in all niches is much higher even than in Russia. A country which is rich only by selling natural resources can’t say is a rich one and neither a stable, its development remaining far behind. Of course, regionalization through European Union will show its marks on nationality, having the same culture and language as them, but fighting for differentiation is over, power being concentrated in many. Another “dark side” of EU is that all countries which are a part are strongly correlated between them, in case of a crisis everyone will be affected in the same proportion. People, who think that being a stable partner with Russia will solve many problems like Transnistrian problem or social language discordance, even withhold some assistance in case of a crisis, but only in theory, with no real proofs. In the matter of fact, this stability really is a dependence, and dependence for only one source, through experience showed to be unbearable for a country. Moldova has to choose its own way, either with Russia, based on hypothetical aid from its “older sister” or struggling by its own, gaining experience and looking forward to open wide markets of European Union and implementing its high standards.

    A stable partnership with Russia isn’t really convincing due to the fact that itself Russia is not so promising in development, usually imposing its point of view and gaining wealth by selling everything from its “home”. Along with EU, Moldova’s future seems brighter, leaving the past behind, earning a larger number of trustworthy partners and a sure way of developmment.

    FB 28 K student
    Crivceanschi Valeriu

  6. Some people believe that Moldova should strive to become a member of EU and top into new European markets, others argue that Moldova should maintain its economical relationship with Russia and the former like ex-soviet republics. I support both opinions but I rather accept that Moldova can not afford the EU market; I think that Moldova may improve its situation by getting a higher quality level of the exported products and investing in agricultural sphere.

    First, Moldova is a weak country and its market and exports are very limited because of Russia’s and CSI’s dependence, at this level it can not tend to reach new markets, especially European where everything is almost perfectly organized maybe if Moldova would get rid of this dependence it would try to extend the export and markets in Asia and EU countries.

    Second, Moldova must invest in agricultural sphere and in improving the quality of the exported products that will attract new investors and business partners which will lead to a new level of market share thus it will create new potential for the future relations with other countries.

    Finally, Moldova should solve its political situation, during the last years it tries to become a member of EU but because of lack of potential and experience it can not succeed in achieving this goal.

    I truly believe that one day Moldova will achieve a certain political and economical level that will permit advancing its exports in abroad thus this is the only way we can build a well developed economical chain that will lead to prosperity which we all want to have.

    by Moraru Max, FB 27 G