Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our Power Point Presentations

This is a collection of all our presentations from last semester - feel free to use it as a resourse or simply have fun watching what your colleagues have done. Great job, everybody! See you next semester.

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  1. Thank you, Eugenia for your presentation about Facebook. Day by day almost all of us use such websites like facebook, but none of us get interested about the roots of these sites. A lot of people spend their time in the e-net on odnoklassniki, facebook, myspace, etc.and don't know who began this idea.

    The information is very usefull. According to the data you indicated in the slides your approach from the point of view of facebook as a business is great. The number of visits/month-65 billion or 64 million active users daily, 14 million photos uploaded daily...these are good results as it shows the functionality of the site. You definitely impressed me with the investors. So much money: 12 mln, 25 mln...oh my god!!!!

    You found a great comparison to the FACEBOOK company....Yahoo and Google....i would never say that google could feel so much competition from Facebook and that the company denied being bought by yahoo and also by google as it worth 15 billion. That is a good result!!!
    An interesting fact form e was Syria that doesn't allow Facebook in their country...could you tell a reason for that?

    I enjoyed very much this presentation and it was a new information for me!!! I still can't believe that Google has such a big competitor that is extremely rich!