Thursday, February 10, 2011

Best Moldovan Brands in the "Trademark of the Year" Competition

One of the most essential parts of the "Made in Moldova" project is a yearly competition which aims to promote and recognize the best brands in Moldova called "Trademark of the Year".

1. What is a trademark? Also check the Business Dictionary for the same term.

2. Read the first page of the "Best Trademark" project and explain what the following information refers to:

- Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova
- annually
- role of corporative image of companies,
- 700 /14 regions
- 150
- vital part
- many attendees at the event
- yearly edition
- 2 talented students

3. Which, in your opinion, are the 3 most important objectives of the competition?
4. Name three winners of the following categories:

- "Patrimony of the Republic"
- Professionalism Criteria TRADE MARK "EXPORT"
- Professionalism Criteria TRADE MARK "PROFI"
- Professionalism Criteria"REBRANDING"

Read the following news and answer the questions below:

1. How many Moldovan companies have won the grand prize – the Golden Mercuryhigh professional award – within the Trademark-2010 competition?
2. How many projects participated in the competition in 2010?
3. What was the competition novelty?
4. Which joint companies were marked for their trademarks?
5. Which state official congratulated the competition laureates andwished them keeping the goods and service quality at the same levelin the future?
6. Which exclusive right does the participation in the competitionprovide its winners with?
7. Which organisation organised the competition?
8. How old is the The Trademark of the Year competition?


  1. How do you understand consumerism?Do Moldovans live a packaged experience?When analizing the lifespan of young and middle-aged people from Moldova it is obvious that they encourage consumerism by going to shopping centers,supermarkets,cafes.
    Nowadays it is very trendy creating a packaged experience by spending the whole day in a mall.It is very easy for the people to buy shoes,clothes,souvenirs at the first floors of the center and then going to have a meal at the last floor,followed by entertainment as bowling,cinema,all of these in a single fact people spend a lot of their time doing nothing memorable and worthy.Supermarkets are now full of people.They are an anthill where shelves are empted because mankind is tempted to buy unnecessary things just because of the need to accumulate bonus points on club cards,having a 5% discount or possible chance to win something.
    Packaged experience encourages consumerism.People feel good when spending money in entertainment venues,but only at home they realize it is not the biggest pleasure and just a time waste.
    More and more humans stress their attention on routine and so-called fashionable things,rather than going to a theater,exhibition,reading a book or doing handicrafts.
    Consumerism should be limited,until we did not forget how to create a personal experience.It is unjust replacing real happiness with "trendy" activities,as in the end we risk to have a planned and noninteresting life.

  2. The "Trademark of the Year" is a competition which was initiated by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova and it is held annually. At the end of the year, there are awards for the most successful projects in the field of creating and promoting trade marks on internal and external market .Between the year 2003-2009, 700 brands from 14 regions as well as the municipalities of Chisinau and Balti took part in the contest “Trade mark of the year”, over 190 of which, were awarded the grand prize “The Gold Mercury”.
    This year 43 grand prize “Gold Mercury” trophies, 18 gold, 8 silver and 7 “Heritage of the Republic” medals found their rightfully deserving winners. The participation in the competition provides winners with an exclusive right to draw the competition logo, grand prize, medal images to their products, as well as right to additional advertising and trademark image development, including goods and services. Also, the participants can consult specialists and jury members, as well as have a possibility to participate in the Made in Moldova-2011 national exhibition. One of the most considerable objectives of this contest are: creating a favorable business image of the Republic of Moldova; demonstrating the greatest achievements in creating trade marks and their role in business and efficient integration of Moldovan economy in the world economic community. Nominations according to professionalism criteria are:
    • DEBUT OF THE YEAR (for the best launching of a trade mark on the autochthonous market in the year of the contest).
    • TRADE MARK "EXPORT" (for the most efficient strategy which brought considerable results when emerging to new markets)
    • TRADE MARK "INTER" (foreign mark which is promoted actively on Moldovan market).
    • REBRANDING – At this nomination are invited to participate both local trademarks as foreign ones, who have changed their individual components, such as name, logo, and visual identity elements, in order to increase customer loyalty and brand uniqueness.
    • TRADE MARK "PROFI" (the most successful long strategy of a trade mark (more than 5 years) on the market of Moldova
    • SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE TRADE MARK "(social responsibility of business spreading in the territory of the Republic)
    • Closed nomination "REPUTATION AND TRUST" MARK.
    This year the competition launched a new nomination - "Rebranding", in which participated marks that reinvented themselves in the last year have – having changed their image and style, in order to provide greater adaptability to market requirements.

  3. Consumerism represents the modern movement with the purpose of protecting the consumers against useless, inferior, or dangerous products, misleading advertising, unfair prices etc. As a result, the state tends to protect its population, generating a lot of opportunities and rights which encourage people to buy more and more.
    While the state tends to protect consumers, the business sector is mainly focused on encouraging customers to purchase their products and use their services as much as possible. For example, purposing to be more attractive to their clients, “Moldcell” recently rebranded, by changing its colour in a really nice purple. Idem, in order to be as close as possible to their customers, “Moldcell” opened a café (“Moldcell café”), which will increase their profits due to the direct contact with the client (creating an after-sale relationship and maintaining it; this direct contact also gives the opportunity to the company to easily observe their customers’ needs). Another marketing strategy offers 100 MDL monthly for those who enjoy the “Moldcell” family.
    This is just a simple, innocent and mainly a positive example of consumerism in Republic of Moldova. But there are a lot of negative examples of consumerism which affects Moldova’s economy, by damaging the balance of payments as a result of the increase of imports and exports decrease.