Sunday, March 22, 2009

Business Etiquette - Dos and Don'ts

In class we discussed some of the most common business etiquette do's and don'ts. A special attention has to be paid to exchanging business cards - isome parts of the world, a business card is considered an extension of a person. Etiquette coach Syndi Seid goes over the do's and don'ts of presenting and receiving a card. Watch the video carefully and tell us if there was anything surprising you learned about exchanging cards with Asian busienss people and not only.

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  1. It is good information, and it was very useful for us, because in future we will have to deal with people from different countries. And we will need to know rules of international business etiquette, or at least some basic rules of international etiquette.
    And I think it is very important to know how to present business card and how to take it back, because as Japanese sad business card is the face of the businessman. And I was surprised when I heard that businessman shouldn’t put their cards in back hip pocket because it is a gesture of disrespect. If you wont to know more information about etiquette just enter here-- --and you will find a lot of interesting information about etiquette and not only.

  2. Very good video, I find out a lot of new things about business cards. I don’t have one yet, but when I will have one, I will know how to present it to other persons. Before watching this video I would never present my business card with both hands, I think that I would “pass the card as though I am dealing in a poker game”, and for sure I would keep it my wallet from the back pocket. But after watching this video I learned how people should present, receive and keep business cards.

  3. This video surprised me very much!
    I agree with Japanese because for being respected by other nations, at first you have to respect yourself! Also i agree with this woman because if i were a businessman, i would fill offended when my business card would be put in the back pocket of the trousers. In such way i will interpret it as a total indifference towards our affair.
    After reading this information, i will e able to present myself in a good manner, as a polite businessman.

  4. I was surprised to find out that you can not pass the card or receive it with your left hand. It is very important for me as I write with my left hand so i will have to pay attention to this thing so that i won't offend the one who passes me his business card :))))
    It was very funny when she gave the example with the boys taking their wallets from their back pocket and put the card in it, put the wallet back in the pocket and then sit down ;DD

    I also liked the tip about not writing on the card but putting some notes on an other piece of paper because the Japanese consider that it is like writing on the face of one. :)
    I will definitely take into consideration this tips :)))

  5. Business etiquette would seem to be an useless "science" for some people but only when confronting with a real situation it will be given the necessary attention.It is of great importance to know how to behave in the presence of a possible business partner since the way you introduce yourself will have a big impact on the decisions taken.
    When dealing with people from other countries one should be informed about their culture since this can help create a good image.For example,as it is said and shown in the video,when meeting with Asian people there are some "rules" for introducing yourself as to show respect and consideration for them and for their culture.

    So,if you are trying to became a good and successful business man,take the time to pay attention to these tips of business etiquette that will certainly be useful in the future.

    P.S. By the way these tips can help everyone since you never know what the future has reserved for you!!!!

  6. Business cards are overestimated when comparing then with a people face. Of course, the man which makes it's own business card draws in a way its representative avatar,or a symbol that describes what he does, but it is only a piece of paper after all..Etiquette is made not to offend anyone,and for everybody to act in that way, so people have to respect each over and what they have.This rules are not written anywhere, but everybody should respect then,in order to be respected.It's a reciprocal attitude.

  7. Business Etiquette is something we have to pay attention to. Many of you will say it is a real foolishness but it is not so.Business etiquette is a huge step when entering a business.Every nation has its customs that shouldn't be ignored. A good example can be the asian style of business card exchange that lately became an international business protocol. You can finish a business relationship without even starting it because of a simple card. When giving or receiving a card you have to do it with the right hand or with both hands.If you give the card with the left hand is considered an insult.Also, you should never take a card and immediately put it away or write on the card, Japanese believe it is like writting on a person's face. A very important moment is that you should never ask a person for another card because you lost it, it is perceived as though you have lost their face.
    From this video and at the lesson I found out a lot of strange but useful things. Since I want to become a business-woman I'll do my best to remember all this tips ;)

  8. Rather useful and interesting information!!!
    The whole video was something amazing and at the same time a little strange for me. I was surprised of how much attention does Asian people pay to things which are considered trivial in our culture(in this case the business cards and the ways of giving and receiving them). I think that this difference is explained by their too superstitious thinking, in comparison with our which is more realistic.

  9. Bussiness etiquete is one the most important features of a business relation, because the way you are acting represents you personality and respect for your partners.Taking into cosideration that people around the world have different cultures,it will be usefull for every business man to know first of all what is a business etiquete, and then to try to introduce it in practice in order to improve their own behaviour and to create a good business image.
    I was very surprised after watching the video.It was amazing,interesting and very very USEFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I found out a lot of things I didn't know both about business cards and Asian people.
    For example: when giving or receiving a business card you should do it with the right hand or with both hands and looking in the eyes, in order to show high respect,otherwise it will be considered an insult.Also you should not write on the card or put it in your back pocket, because it will be like you are writing and sitting on the face of the person.
    In my opinion business etiquete is a strong point in everyboby's carier, and should be known not only by business man , but also by each of us for our future carier and professional success.

  10. Every culture has its customs that must be respected. When you deal with people from other countries you have to know about their culture because is very important for them and for us to know it.
    These video is important for us. We have to know how to introduce ourselves to other people. Presenting the business card is one of the steps that we must care. That card is our face its design, the way we present it is what we are. If we won’t follow this step than that person will ignore us and will prefer not have anything with us.
    The way we receive the card also is very important. If we want create a good image about us and if we want be respected by others we must receive the card in the same way that was presented to us and respect the rules that where said in video.
    Business etiquette is very useful for us and our future career. I think we must learn more about etiquette.

  11. A english saying says that:"When in Rome,do as the Romans do".It refers to be respectful with other business cultures and it will help you to get succes in your business.To know the good manners and how to not behave badly abroad is a stong point in your future carier-in is the right way to gain the trust of your business partener.So,following the strictest rules of social and business behaviour will create a good image about your person.It was very interesting and in the same time amazing to find out that there are some rules how to give or recieve a business card.But,I think that we have to learn more about business etiquette in different cultures,and we also will discover interesting and useful things.(sabina onofrei)