Monday, March 2, 2009

Forbes Best Countries for Business

Which countries top Forbes' 2008 list of best countries for business? Some of you probably think of Canada or USA or China. Think again, on the very top we have: Denmark, which rose three slots from last year, Ireland (up 19 places to No. 2), Finland (up four to third place), the U.S. (down three to fourth) and U.K. (up five to fifth). Big movers like Ireland, Estonia (No. 10, up 24 spots) and Saudi Arabia (No. 47, up 37) have limited bureaucracy standing in the way of entrepreneurs hoping to do business within their borders. To read more, check the Forbes website. Take each country in the top 5 and tell us how they got on top:
- Why did US go down from place #1 in 2008 to place #4 in 2008?
- How is Finland's governemnt contributing to its country's eceonomic growth?
- Who is Anders Fogh Rasmussen and what did he decide to do about taxes and why?
- Which country organised a referendum in order to centralize power within E.U. through strengthening of the presidential role and creation of a new foreign-policy post?
- What could Moldova learn from these countries?


  1. The best 5 countries to make business in are:Denmark,Ireland,Finland,USA,UK.For example Ireland is in the top because of its limited bureaucracy that permits the entrepreneurs to develop their activities in their country.They dont stop the potential investors but encourage them.I was surprised to find out that China and India are not good countries to invest in because of the inflation.Usa is only on the 4 position because of the recession that the Americans are going through.Canada is on the 7 place because their banking system is more stabil and is not based on mortgages and credits like in the USA.Their banks were not so affected by the crisis because of their orientation and involvement in the national area.

  2. Frankly speaking a was`impressed a little.
    To begin with Denmark.This country made big strides and look what are the results:the first place in top best countries for bussiness.Due to the right economic policy and inovations,Denmark achieved great triumphs.
    Another country that surprised me was Saudi Arabia.This country is in top 25,even if it is a really prospirious county.But I think that Saudi Arabia aim high for the future and it is provided for impressive strides.

  3. As we already mentioned in class according to FORBES the best countrieS to do business in are:
    the list for 2008 compared to 2007
    1.Danmark(up 3)
    3.Finland (up4)
    4.USA (down 3)
    5.UK ( up 5)
    6.Sweden(up 3 )
    7.Canada down 5)
    8.Singapore( up 6)
    9.Hong Kong (down 1)
    10.Estonia (up 14)

    So we can see that USA went down and this is because of the weak dollar that continues to weigh on global commodity prices.
    We can also mention Finland ....up 4 places and this is because the government had the plan to combat declining investment and labor shortages through tax cuts and also increased the budget of government research and development and the merger of 3 HELSINKI universities. a REALLY NICE PLAN don't you think so?
    It was impressive for me and I'm sure that for everyone that Danmark is on the 1-st place and we asked ourselves" how come?"
    so the Danish prime MInister Anders Fogh Rasmussen has announced plans to cut taxes an also prevented innovative enterpreneurs from pursuing international efforts by backing a new enterpreneurial academy known at 180 academy :)
    A very impressive growth has Ireland, it went up 19 places and I think that Moldova should take into account that you can change something if you really want! So what Ireland did was just choose the perfect person to control the country- "they strengthened the presidential role and created a new policy post".

  4. WOW I'm impressed....This video shows how well-planned politics can help in the development of the country and how fast it could be pushed back by some unexpected "elements".
    So lets see...top5 countries for business and how they achieved it:
    1.Denmark - low rates of inflation and unemployment,lower taxes and support of the entrepreneurs activity,reforms in the education system and giving the students the possibility to make business trips from schools as to create a high-skilled labor force
    2.Ireland - that went up by 19 positions due to its low levy on corporate profits encouraging their activity,a referendum as to centralize power in the EU.
    3.Finland - up by 4 places since its government cut taxes
    4.USA - down from 1 to 4 because of the credit crisis and the low dollar's position.
    5.UK - that went 5 positions up
    The big surprise for me was the Saudi Arabia,up by 37 positions due to it's oil reserve,the high prices on this resource and it's deficit.This country came with an interesting plan and invested in R&D at universities where they created some MIT's as to foster the economic development.

    All these countries that found a way to boost their development prove that "where there is a wish,there is a way" so Moldova should wake up and realize it's not to late to start doing something as to ensure better conditions for its citizens and for foreigners.

  5. I am immpresed! I was never thinking that Denmark is the best country for business and that USA is only on the 4th place. So the top 5 of best countries to do business is:
    1. Denmark
    2. Ireland (up 19 places, it is a huge step) 3. Finland
    4. USA
    5. U.K.
    These countries succeeded because of their low taxes, strong fundamental and property rights and innovative spirit. USA isn't on the top because of their credit crisis, but this country can be a great place to invest if they try to attract investors. A big news for me was Saudi Arabia. It is moving in the top 25 because of their oil reserves. Good for them! My opinion is that Moldova can learn a lot from these top countries."The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will" (Vincent T. Lombardi)I think the most important thing that we don't have is the will. This is where we have to start and try to move on!