Tuesday, March 24, 2009

World's Richest People according to Forbes

For those students who are working on their presentations related to World or Moldova's richest people, have a look at the following videos and the links posted below. Let us know if there is anything surprising related to the Forbes' list of billionaires as listed per country (in %):
- Russia
- US
- India
- Mexico
How old are the top 50 people in the list? How many women are there in the list? Who is the youngest self-made billionaire in the world?

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  2. 1125 millionaires in the year 2008.

    If talking about the top 15, it was mentioned that 4 millionaires are from India, 4 from USA, 4 from Russia and even 3 from Africa.
    After 13 years of being № 1 Bill Gates has been pushed out by another American millionaire and by a Mexican one. It is a nice result... For all of them

    What was surprising for Forbes and less for me is that Moscow became the millionaire center of the world. I think that it is a Russian paradox that nobody is going to be able to explain. These people are amazing: they can be found in every single corner of the world, they are the richest suppliers of natural resources, and they even marry Naomi Campbell!

    As for women. There are 99 millionaires all around the world. Rather modest...
    I've watched today an interesting TV program about gender discrimination. Wall Street is desperately trying to get rid of the women's heel in the banking system. Citibank, Lehman Brothers and other large banks have laid off their superior managers or just simple women-employees. The statistics says that from the entire amount of people that lost their job because of the crisis 70% are women.

    In conclusion I can wish all of today's and future millionaires good luck! I really admire these people and I believe that each of you has asked himself: How is this possible?
    How did they achieve this height?
    I think that it is all about hard-work, diligence and a bit of luck, as the majority of today's millionaires have passed over their 60's and even 70's.
    However, some changes occurred during the last years and more and more millionaires are inventive and creative young people.

    The higher is the mountain, the more wonderful is the view from the top of it. :)

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  4. This video shows intresting information about worlds billionaires, and some other characteristics. But today i browsed forbes.com and found an article on this subject that was done recently on 03.11.09.

    So according to this article, also about wolrd's top 50 billionaires the situation is quite different from the video.

    Due to the effects of the crisis nowadays are just 793 people rich enough to enter the list of the world's billionaires.

    The ranks on the list also changed. No1 is again Bill Gates even he lost $18 billion. Warren Buffet last year No1 lost in this year about $25 billion but managed to slip just one spot to No.2.

    Moscow is not anymore the billionaire capital of the world , last year Moscow had 74 billionaires but nowadays remains only with 27. New York is the center with 55 billionaires.

    Some more information is that in the list are 38 newcomers billionaires. Among them are Mexican Joaquín Guzmán Loera, one of the biggest suppliers of cocaine to the U.S. and Wang Chuanfu of China, whose BYD Co. is producing cars (we can see this kind of cars in Moldova too, but to bee sincerelly they are of a bad-bad quality).

    So my dear friends the crisis doesnt not affects only simple people as we are, but also billionaires tycoons. The collective net worth of all 793 billionaires is down by $2 trillion from a year ago to $2.4 trillion.

    But dont be discouraged, we are smart and if we will be creative and hard-working in someday we will be on that list too.

  5. I coudn't agree wih you more :), thank you for the encouragements.

  6. First of all i would like to say that articles about the richest men in the world,how they compete with each other as to be at least in TOP20,are always of great interest.
    I can certainly say i was shocked by some things i discovered here.I was impressed with the results of Marc Zuckerberg that is the youngest self-made billionaire and i had to look for information about him.I was even more amazed to find out that he is only 24 years old and that he reached this results by being the founder of Facebook.He's net worth is about $1,5 billions(if anyone is interested http://www.buzzstoc.com/2009/01/09/the-youngest-self-made-billionaires-in-the-world/).
    There can be noticed that most of the richest men are over their 60's and even 70's,a fact that shows it needs time,hard work and experience as to be in the Top 15.This top has a new leader,Warren Buffet,followed by the Mexican Carlos Slim and only in the third place we can find Bill Gates that was for 13 years the richest one.According to Forbes in top20 there are by 4 billionaires for USA,Russia and India and even some from South Africa.
    And,by the way,i'm proud that the number of women billionaire is raising from 87 to 99,not that it is a big number,but acceptable in a world ruled by men.
    The fact that Moscow is the world's billionaire center was news for me since I imagined it is in the top of them,not at the "very top",but it is understandable since Russia is such a big country with many resources and possibilities for businessmen to "enlarge" their fortune.

    In conclusion i would like to say that everyone is dreaming for a life full of luxury but not everyone can reach this performance.But we are the future and since there are people that can do this WE CAN also so lets start climbing the mountain of the richness!!!!!

  7. it's interesting to listen about huges amount of money, but i think it's more interesting to find out how they where earned...
    for today's billionairs this numbers are not more than proving, that they where working very hard.
    As we look in the past , it was easier to came into the market with a new idea and some effort to become rich, but today it's harder and harder, you shoud impress peoplle, you should be genious and offcourse work hard
    Who knows meybe one day, somewhere, somehow you'll be the luckiest one!!!....