Friday, February 27, 2009

The "Lightbulb" and how inflation affects Moldovan people

One of our very talented Moldovan young director ans screen writer, Igor Cobileanski has created a short-length movie entitled "When the lights go out" -
1) What is the leitmotif of the movie?
2) How does inflation affect everyone in this movie? Why do people agree to bet?
3) How is the topic of 'corruption' brought up in the movie?
3) How do you like the English-Romanian translation of the American's doctor speech in hospital?
4) Did you enjoy the movie? Why? Why not? Do you think this Moldovan director is a promising film creator?


  1. There exist such an opinion that a joke is a joke when it is said once, well this movie for sure is not included in this category because i have seen it many times,and every time is like the first( funny).
    Even if it is presented to us in such a humorous way,the movie sumarises all bad aspects of our society and namely: corruption wich is reflected in the scene with the taxist and the policeman; iliteracy demonstrated through the English-Romanian translation of the American's doctor speech in hospital and of course poverty and foolishness embodied in the leitmotif "light bulb" wich in fact shows us that for money our people are ready to do everything,even to accept such a stupid bet.
    It is funny but much more sad to realize that we are living in such conditions,without undertaking any action to change them.

    P.S. I like the movie and the way in wich Igor Cobileanski tackle the problem,but i don't think that he is a promising film creator,at least here in Moldova.

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  3. This short movie is a funny one if analyzing things only at the surface,but when looking deeper in it's essence it is hard to admit that it emphasizes hurtful truths about what's happening in Moldova...Igor Cobileanski chose a funny way to touch subjects like corruption,greed and illiteracy that,unfortunately,are common in our country. All these things are reflected by different scenes: corruption - through the "exchange" between the policeman and the taxi driver,illiteracy seen in the English-Romanian translation and finally the greed that is persisting during the entire movie through the leitmotif "light bulb". It shows us that our people will do anything for money,in this case dollars that,by the way,is expected to grow,even to accept such a stupid bet taking into consideration they had the proof (in the face of so many people that already tried it) that it can't be done.

    I liked this movie,but I'm sad to realize that these are my every-day life conditions and that nobody is doing nothing to improve them,even me....

    I'm sure I.Cobileanski is a promising film creator and in this specific domain:short movies about social problems.I'm looking forward to see his next "creation".

  4. it was funny for me the fact that when for the first time i wanted to watch the movie the lights went off :D
    ....i was shocked in the end when i saw so much people with that bulb in their mouth! but it is the truth! ok maybe it was just a funy example.....i really don't think that it could happen in the real life this particular situation, but it is true that some moldavian people will do almost everything to get some money!!!
    and it's a pity that they do it!!! let's just think ..what can you buy with 1000 lei? I mean that this money some people gain in a month so it's not strange that people risk to do something that is ridiculous. Half of this sum of money you pay for the services and the last for the food and is it enough for 2-3 people?

    I can tell an other example!!!! :DDDD
    and i can bet that it's impossible to try and break an egg by just holding it tight in one hand!!! i was impressed to find out this thing and proove myself that it is true!!! even boys tried to do it and it's so strange that they didn't manage!

    p.s. it is not our fault....people know that they are not motivated here in Moldova and that is why a lot of them are abroad! yes it is a funy video but it so sad at the same time.

  5. I think the movie is an attempt to describe the Moldovan society and to show in a humouristic way the main problems we face: inflation and considerable poverty. The leitmotif of this video can be taken from the song interpreted so much in this small film: we have a second hand country, no matter how sad it is to state this. Things, no doubt, are exaggerated in a way, but we can’t help admitting, all this is more or less true. The problem of inflation is brought up in the most incredible way: lack of electricity, and the dependence of the rise of the American dollar, that makes people bet in the most stupid way to gain 100 dollars: to say they would be able to get a light bulb into the mouth and to get it out – the fact brings all these people to the hospital, where an American(!) doctor will have to deal with the patients. It is extremely funny to see the way the translation of the doctor’s speech is made – slight allusion to the way Moldovans and American people understand each other and get along, as well as the ability of an American doctor (as any other American) to understand the problems and needs of our country and each citizen in part.
    In my opinion the movie is a success and it’s director is a very promising one.

  6. ...:) funny movie!..:)
    The author chose a good way to put importance on the main econimic problem:inflation!
    This movie show us the whole truth and nothing but the truth.But it is to be mention that the International Monetary Fund is satisfied with the rate of inflation in Moldova and considers that this year inflation will not be higher than 9-10%.According to the IMF official, the lower inflation is due to the measures implemented by the Government of Moldova and the central bank. He said that the rate of inflation is influenced by the lower oil and food prices on the world markets.
    Intresting facts,no?
    But it is more intresting ,what will be after elections(April,5th)?
    I think that this movie is more convincing!

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  9. :-)...It's an amusing movie...
    On my opinion, the leitmotif of this movie is the economic situation in the world, in other words, the inflation.
    Here everybody is interested in one very important thing:the increasing of dollar; and it's because this currency affect them in case it change its value.
    I think that it affect the whole world, but in different measure. For example, the states that import the products from USA, are affected more than other ones. Also, in the states where the EURO plays the leading part in the economy, the fluctuation of dollar value doesn't affect seriosly the state economy.
    In this movie the topic of corruption is taken as something usual, it's a well known solution for all the problems which can appear in nowadays.
    As about the translation, it's a funny one, that suggests in general the opposite...
    I liked this movie because of its true facts which describe the real situation of our country and because it opens the eyes to those people who don't yet know the real level of corruption in their state.

    On my opinion this Moldovan director is a promising film creator because his movie is based on reality and it will interest a big part of our population. If he found a rich partner, may be in future his new films would be well-known in our small country...

  10. Inflation is affecting quite everyone in the movie:everybody's talking about dollar if it's going up, from this we can see what value have dollars for them,and what people a willing to do for 100$, expecting an inflation in the future,everybody wants to change national currency into dollars.
    The corruption is also shown through the police,which some how wants to resolve the problem with a bribe. their currency is also dollars )
    The translation was quite funny, having an opposite meaning.
    after all,this movie shows the ironical side of situation referred to the dollars in Moldova.Everybody is affected by them and no one in particular, creating by themselves this situation

  11. The movie is very nice and funny,but unfortunately this fun is a sad reality about the bad situation in our country.
    Taking in consideration the general aspect of the video,it reveals a trap in which people are easily envolved.They are challenged by the bet that would bring them 100 dollars for getting in and then out of the mouth a lightbulb.Looking deeply the bet represents how people are affected by the inflation that would cause high prices.It is a bad news for everyone,that is why people accept the bet for gaining 100 dollars for a simple and funny thing.
    The leitmotiv of the movie is the inflation that characterizes the economical instability of the country.When the lightbulb turns off it means that the inflation grows and everyone is affected by the high prices,that is why the spouce of the taxist says him to exchange the money he has into dollars,as she knows that the currency will higher.Everyone in the movie is concerned about the rate of exchange as all of them want to take profit as much as they can from the bad situation they will be envolved in.
    Speaking about the English-Romanian translation of the American's doctor i would say that the translator is showing the illiteracy of her,embodying all the nation of our.
    I really enjoyed the movie,but it did not make me a lot of fun as it shows the sad reality about the corruption,illiteracy and inflation in our country.I think Igor Cobileanski managed to revealed the economical situation in a very simple way,showing the aspects of it by a funny bet that all the protagonists have accepted.
    I could not say that the film director is a promising film creator because of the 'godfatherism' and corruption in our country,but i liked his point of view and the way he uncovered the problem,and i hope his efforts will be noticed not only by us,but by foreign people too.

  12. Hmm... i knew about this movie, it was recorded about 4 or 5 years ago, but there is shown the present day's reality. In the movie we can clearly see the situation in Moldova when inflation was a huge problem. Almost everyone was speaking about the increase of dollar. People were ready to do anything to gain 100 dollars and because of this in the hospital were so many people that thought that they could get out the lighbulb from their mouth.
    This small movie shows us the sad reality of our poor country, the inflation affects everyone and people try to gain money in any possibl way. There is also swown how corrupted are people in our country, in this case is the policeman who took money from taxist.
    I enjoyed the movie... but at the same time i'm sad, because this is the situation of our country and is not good at all, inflation, corruption, illiteracy. I think that Igor Cobileanski described in an interesting and funny way about what is happening in our country.