Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The 4 Ps of the Marketing Mix

Dear FB students,
TIMES 100 presents a series of case studies which show all the business studies theory you need to know in practice. By studying real life business case studies, you will see how business and marketing work and therefore learn quicker. Each of the following case studies show a different aspect to business and marketing that you can use as a revision tool for your business studies.

Now watch the video and answer the following questions:
a) When was the term "marketing mix" made popular? b) Which three examples of products did the presenter mention? c) Why did the presenter claim that "place" is everywhere? d) How is the consumer empowered in the 21st century? e) How are the four Ps transformed arrording to the Consumer-Side Marketing (list all 4 of them)?  f) How does the presenter define "position"? g) What is targeting? g) How did Colgate and Crest fight against each other? h) Give 4 examples of the most important demographic segments in Moldova. i) What did Coca Cola do in the 1990s as part of their "Always Coca Cola" campaign (give examples)? j) What was their increase in sales in just 5 years?  


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  2. “You can't do today job with yesterday methods and be in business tomorrow”

    This is the main idea that every businessman or businesswoman , if they want to be successful in they business they must to manage this quote : “You can't do today job with yesterday methods and be in business tomorrow”. This is on-point for today's rapidly changing economy. Anita Roddick said that “Business is not financial science,it's about trading...buying and selling. It's about creating a product or service so good that people will pay for it.”

    A lot of businessmen that follow this quote became a successful in they job, the company is always in increase. Some of them is: Bill Gates, Soishiro Honda, Sergey Brin and Larry Page , Steve Jobs and others.

    From Microsoft's founding in 1975 until 2006, Gates had primary responsibility for the company's product strategy. Microsoft always introducing new technologies to develop the company. For example in 2007 they deliver service of new mobile smartphone of the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system and help more businesses take advantage of mobile solutions for their employees. Soishiro Honda was the founder of Honda Motor Company. He develop his businesses Worldwide, not only in Tokyo. Every time he tried to find new ways to improve the technologies of company. Last invention from Honda new exoskeleton. It is the new walking device and it is able to increase the strength of a person by two to ten times. Another businessmen that always have new technologies in they businesses is Sergey Brin and Larry Page. They found the Google in 1996. At the present moment it is the best search engine in the world. Google is holding a major demo event at the Computer History Museum today and unveiled a number of incredible new features. One of the features technologies of Google is “Near Instant Voice Translation”. A new prototyped product allows not just search by voice, but near instant translation between English and Spanish in the cloud, via your mobile phone. Another interesting project is “Google Goggles”. Visual search. Take a photo, click a button and Google will analyze imagery and text in the photo for your search query. Pretty exciting. Steve Jobs also is a very successful businessman. He is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Apple. In 1986, Jobs bought The Graphics Group, later renamed Pixar. For Apple it is very hard to be on the top, and they always have new technologies that improve the technologies industry and economy. The latest invention of Apple is table device. Apple introduced its first tablet device that comes under the name the iPad. It looks like a big iPhone or iPod touch and comes with almost the same features. According to Apple, the battery life offers 10 hours of work. The price of the device will range from $500 to $700.

    This is what every businessman must pretend for... New technologies will improve the results of success! “A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.” Lee

    Turcan Radu FB-29G

  3. In my opinion NIVEA VISAGE Young used an effective strategy in its promotional activities. The first aspect to point out is that it tries to identify different ways of talking to customers which is quite important in order to understand them. An important part of the strategy was the use of product samples. These give the possibility to customer to feel and try the products. In other words each of the costumers has “direct” access to the product. However, the company didn’t stop at this. It launched an interactive online magazine called FYI to raise their popularity. Also, NIVEA VISAGE Young used one of the modern types of promotion: the power of social network sites (MySpace, Facebook and Bebo). All of these have a great influence amongst the target audience. In this way NIVEA VISAGE Young increase its sales in significant proportions.
    To sum up, I want to say that in order to survive in “the world of the market” every company should use different strategies of promotion… :)

    By Reshetnic Cristina, FB-29G

  4. Nivea is a very old and reliable brand,introduced in 1911.I think that it is still present in the entire cosmetics market because it focuses on a very good promotional activity.The company is developing brand awareness by informing consumers about their products,using the tactics of offering free samples,launching online magazine etc.
    In my opinion the representatives of Nivea are using all promotional tools,but what I find interesting is the fact that they try to give advice to the teenagers via their special online journal.Youngers can also be informed about the brand through social network sites as Facebook,MySpace,Bebo that are very often accessed.I think that their strategy of using consumer-led promotion has a huge impact on the customer because he can not only see,but also try the product and feel either it is of a good or bad quality.
    I like the fact that Nivea does not only advertise,but they make publicity,a factor that people trust more to.As for me,it is a "strong" brand because it managed to fill a market segment.
    In fact their below-to-line promotion is the key to success,as they focus on the consumer directly.It uses not only good tactics of advertising,but produces products of a high quality.That is why Nivea is chosen again as The Most Trusted brand in 2009.

  5. It is very important for a business to combine all the four elements of the marketing mix. It may be called successful only if those "4 Ps" are combined properly. Motorola is a company that offers "the right product or service" that is "sold in the right place", "at the right price" and, of course, "using the right forms of promotion". If it had not done all that, it would not have been known around the world.
    Motorola presents its products and services through communication. A really important promotional tool through which the company communicates with the customers is advertising. All the advertisments in the magazines, on TV an websites are a proof of that. Besides this, Motorola promotes indirectly its products using the public reations methods, such as different campaigns and attractive offers an discounts. Using these promotional tools, the company informs its clients about benefits and exclusive features of the product.
    I think that advertising has an important impact on people's decision - "to buy or not the Motorola product??" - as well as the indirect methods have, because in this way they inform users about the possibilities of getting and staying connected easily to the people, information, and entertainment that they want and need.
    Marina FB-29G

  6. Nivea is one of the largest skin care brand in the world. I think that it had become so well known brand because of their quality and because of advertising. Nivea uses different and interesting strategies to advertise their product. One very good strategy is that Nivea has pages on Facebook, MySpace and Bebo, because nowadays the most part of teenagers use internet and have account on Facebook or MySpace. Nivea has recognized the power of social network sites and know how to take advantage from this, they advertise their product on these sites and share news that are related to Nivea. Also teenagers can view on these pages opinions of other people that consumed products from Nivea. Also a good strategy is the launch of an online magazine that focuses on “first time” experiences related to Nivea Visage Young. As I said Nivea understood that a very good strategyof advertise is through internet because this is the best way of talking to teenagers. Also I liked that Nivea uses product samples, because teenagers want to try the product before buying it, and Nivea give them this opportunity.
    I think that Nivea will remain one of the larger and one of the most recognized brand because it uses some new strategies of advertising, something special and at the same time useful strategies.

  7. “Fashions may change, but quality never goes out of style.”

    I think that Levi’s is still present on the market,because ,it focuses on originality,individuality,nonconformity,comfortability and the most important-high quality.By the way,Levi’s was the first that introduced such product on the market.
    First of all,I’d like to point on the fact that Levi’s is a very strong brand.I mean that “the product is synonymous with quality”,and of course,it has good promotional activity: Levi’s always finds ways to appeal to a fresh generation of teenagers.It has a democratic view,so all people-rich or poor like them and wear them.Also, TV advertising is the most notably.Levi’s developed brand awareness and loyalty of generations of consumers, by informing people about their products,using displays that showed Levi’s wares chronologically,print advertisements and series of ads themed “they go on” and shot by music video(hip-hop, DJ playing drum and bass music in cowboy country).In its marketing campaigns,Levi’s don’t use a logical narrative,but appeal to humour that make a good connection.
    I really like the fact that the company is not specialized in a specific target market,but it includes all people,so,the Levi’s offers different models for different people. It has been proven that in short time,Levi’s became a “part of people’s identity”; they became a “part of who they wanted to be”,so I guess that another promotional tool can be emotions and people trust.
    (onofrei Sabina,fb29g)

  8. What we know is that Levi’s is an old and reliable brand, popular in the whole world.
    This company started in 1847 with the name of Levi Strauss & Co ( !!! that’s an strong argument which proves that it was good enough to resist till nowadays) and initiated its production with durable canvas pants but in short time the denim was discovered, and so started the production of the well-known Levi’s.
    The Levi’s brand has a real endurance because of two reasons: quality and a correct marketing campaign. For me it seems that the people that create the company’s advertising plan were very ingenious: “Every rip has a story! ” , I like it . This quote is not about the jeans, but of the ones who wear it, because everybody had at least one pair of Levi’s which remember him a small part of his life, or brings him different pleasant memories. In this slogan we can find the general idea which governs the Levi’s production. The brand has beard because Levi’s always finds ways to package its values to appeal to a fresh generation of teenagers and so to keep and grow their sales. Their promotional company included television and print advertisement, brand advertising, testimonial letters written by costumers to the world’s oldest pair of jeans; but the main reason that guide people to buy Levi’s is for its originality, individuality and nonconformity. Levi’s don’t make the difference between poor or rich, fat or slim, young or old, it has a large range of jeans for everybody, in other words “It’s a very satisfying product”.
    I think that Levi’s catched the golden idea for maintaining the No.1 position, “It is not enough to gain popularity because of a well – done advertising, good and strong graphic imagery and so on but important is to carry on the interest of the costumer and its need that must prevail!” this is the key of the best marketing mix.
    Victoria Morari, FB-29G

  9. Nivea is the world's biggest pesonal care brand,offering products for the whole family.The company re-launched the NIVEA VISAGE YONG range in June 2007 further optimising its position in the market,only due to effective strategy and promotional activities.One thing that NIVEA has really realised is that TV or press is not as effective as talking directly to its target group of custumers.
    One of Nivea's principles od advertising is the use of pruduct samples.I think that it is an effective method,because custumers can touch,feel,smell the product and be sure in its quality.Another good idea of Nivea's strategy was launching online magazine "FYI",that in my opinior helps company increse its popularity.But this wasn't enough for them...They recognised the power of social network sites and created pages on MySpace,Facebook,Bebo.
    The motto of the company is "You are a star with NIVEA VISAGE YOUNG",through them company attracts teenagers and makes them focus their attention on Nivea's products rather than other companies.
    T think that the marjeting mix used by Nivea helps it to become an international brand in the world.Due to Nivea;s promotional strategies.the company raises its popularity and sales.
    Every company has the power to decide the way of its success,Nivea chose this way and it was the right one,because the message of Nivea's company reaches the right people in the right way!!!
    Melnicenco Tatiana FB-29G

  10. The McDonald's Monopoly game has become one of the best promotion ever for a fast food chain.
    Beside the fact that it provides some of the most affordable menu prices, now McDonald's is offering to the public a board game resembling a state lottery.
    In my opinion this kind of contests are very welcomed nowadays during these hard economic times. The chance to win free fries, a burger or lots of money fires up many people.
    The McDonald's Monopoly board game allows you to register online and collect a piece.
    But you'll have to purchase an item from McDonald's to win the big prize of $100.000.
    I think that this kind of promotion is the one that brings the best result in the shortest period of time. The method chosen by McDonald's is very effective and promises to attract a large number of customers. Although people may not be interested in buying a product,they are tempted and motivated by McDonald's offers. Buy 2 fries and you get one for free. More fries, more money, more anything. More is always better!

  11. If I were a member of the marketing team of Zorile, first of all I would launch an advertising which would motivate people to buy their national products, because of their quality and their loyalty that they must have to their own country.
    In our country Zorile doesn’t have its loyal customers. -Why? - Because of their unfashionable designs and because of the invasion of foreign products in our markets. We must encourage designers to improve their “views” on fashion or to change it and to start with advertising as I said.
    I would develop the market chains of selling Zorile’s product. We must open market of Zorile in each region: Orhei, Soroca, Balti, Comrat etc.
    We must attract people as Levi’s did with the concept that we have products for all the people: fat & slim, big & little, young & aged. We must always mention that for us quality is a priority, & if someone bought a pair of shoes and in the first month he ripped it – he will get another one instead. If a person buys from our shops for example a suet & a pair of shoes – he will have the option to choose a shirt as a bonus.
    We can also distribute through the city coupons for price reduction, or to give as in Green Hills Credit Cards, which give a reduction and at each purchase to obtain points and at the end of the year to choose something instead of them.
    We can also open a segment in our market where customers will “expose” their needs, where they will come with suggestions, in this way the company will be nearer to customer. We can also provide a “consultancy” room where customers will benefit of assistance when they would like to create their own design for a suet or a pair of shoes.
    We mustn’t forget about advertising panels, newspapers, etc. And for special holidays like: 8th March or 3rd September women or men to get a little gift from the company.
    And not at least we must always search to improve products!
    Victoria Morari, FB-29G

  12. If I were a member of the marketing team of "Zorile" I would try to make known the shoes that the fabric is manufacturing, their quality etc. I would use the following strategies:
    - firstly, attract the customers to the points of sale, to make known them with the high quality of the shoes and with their affordable price. I would porpose the team to design different eye-cathching flyers that would also announce people about the intereting discounts;
    - secondly, I would do, what Motorola does: organize different meetings, presentations through which I would bring the product closer to the customer;
    - I would make known the fact that the shoes designed for children follow the right indications required by the doctors;
    - I would make the proposal for the participating in charity campains, donations to orphanages or to homes for elderly, that can not afford to buy a pair of shoes at their "usual" price.
    I think that with these and many other strategies applied in the marketing department of "Zorile", the company will florish again.

  13. If i were selected as a member for the marketing team of Zorile, I would do the following:
    -advertise on Tv;
    -give some presents if you buy ine pair of shoes (at the begining);
    -also at the begining to reduce prices;
    -to find places for selling this product;
    -I would hire some designers to make nice, interesting and funny posters for board;
    -if you make purshaces more than 5000 lei you recieve a bonus card ( this phurchases can be made at different periods of time);
    -at every holiday, if someone buys something from Zorile, he/she will recieve a present;
    I think that nice ads at board will attract young customers because usually they are attracted by funny things or funny ads. Bonus cards and presents will also attract people to buy this product because everyone wants a cost reduction and is pleasantly surprised if recieves a gift when buys a good.

  14. If I were selected as a member of the marketing team of Zorile,I would implement strategies as:
    -targeting the customer about the shoes we produce;
    -advertise the products by above-the-line and elow-theline ads;
    -price reductions;
    -bonus campaignes as "buying 2 pairs you recieve the third one as a present";
    -bonus card system etc.
    I think that promotion based on above-the-line ads would increase the publicity of the products,making the brand be well-known among the consumers.Below-the-line ads would give the possibility to make some exhibits,for the client to see all the range of shoes,to feel the quality,make conclusions about the design etc.
    I would implment the idea of Nivea ccompany which launched a network magazine for giving advice to the buyers.As for me,it can be very useful because the customer can access the internet and get informed about some interesting facts,chat with the loyal clients and even ask advice from the reprezentatives of Zorile.
    All these promotional tools would extend the lifecycle of the products,as the customer ill have the possibility to recieve bonuses,advice etc.