Friday, February 12, 2010

Writing a Business Brief

Dear FB students,
this is a short guide to writing business briefs. Use it to complete our next assignment.
Writing a Business Brief



    A business brief is a written document that submits an affirmation why a definite business should flourish, aiming to attract consumers and to boost outcome.
    Writing a business brief is quite difficult but with the right instructions everybody can do it. A substantial remark is that a brief should be exclusive and original.
    These are some guidelines which may help you write an excellent business brief.
    First, you have to point out the purpose of the business. Second, you need to persuade and get esteem from the audience, conveying a worthwhile information. Third, you should make clear who the future customers are and how you are going to captivate them, showing business possible revenues. The last step is to clarify the responsibilities of each member of the business.
    Moreover, creative brief contributes to astonishing and convincing ads, containing interesting facts and research discoveries. Having just a verbal presentation, without a brief, is a complete loss of financial and material resources.
    The main key-points:
    1) Make a general overview of your business: Who is the ad talking to and what is the main thing we want to say?
    2) Set the intention of the ad.
    3) Be able to predict the reaction of the clients, analyzing their demo- and psychographics.
    4) Compose a thesis statement, avoiding pointless information.
    5) Expound why the customers should believe what we say and why they should buy. Include the possible benefits.
    6) Survey client’s mentality: find an argument of buying and not buying a product. Try to put them to think from where do you know the information?
    7) Present your business brief shortly, answering two significant questions: Who are we talking to and what do we want to say? It’s a helping hand for future expansion of the business.

  2. Great job, Nastea! thank you for sharing this with us :)

  3. AMT

    AMT is a company that provides computer hardware and software to small businesses. Their policy is based in the assumption that the IT management is like legal advice, accounting, people need reliable vendors of reliable products.

    The AMT key objects for the next year are: differentiate from box-pushing
    increase gross margin to more than 30%
    increase non-hardware sales by 20%

    AMT is a privately-held C corporation owned in majority by its founder and president Ralph Jones. AMT has one location of 7000 square foot in a shopping center located close to the downtown area. The AMT store also includes a training area, service department, offices and showroom area.

    Recent economic crisis have affected AMT too. The margin squeeze, longer collection periods, and lower inventory turnovers is happening throughout the computer industry worldwide.

    AMT also have to compete against chain stores, computer dealers. Their strategy in this battle involves the fact that AMT will offer to its customers a real alliance, which will include such tangibles as confidence, reliability and knowing that you will have support whenever you need.

    Currently AMT promotes its services through newspaper, but as the strategies are changing, the means of promotion have to be changed too, AMT will refocus on their message through radio, cable TV, sales brochures. AMT sells AMT, not Apple, IBM, HP or any other software/hardware brand names

    The new strategy which AMT wants to implement has big expectations. If it will be successful it should generate a lot of benefits, which will include: increase of sales and increase of market share.