Sunday, February 7, 2010

BBC Business News Europe

Dear FB students,
reading about the latest business news in Europe and in the World is going to be an important part of our course this semester. the best resource for you should be BBC / Business , where you can find lots of great articles and videos on the most recent financial issues in Europe. Don't forget to check on the Video news section of the website. Check on what Toyota boss had to say about the car issue we discussed in class. Other interesting stories:
1) In Paris, the customer is not always right
2) Latvia economy reels in recession
3) Europe protects Italian pizza brand from immitation
4) Could Greece be expelled from Eurozone?

Please post your sumaries of the artices you enjoyed most under this post, so that your colleagues have access to this information as well. See you in class!


  1. According to BBC news Europe, on Sunday, 7 February 2010, French police close down illegal migrant shelter in Calais.
    The article is about an abandoned depot in the northern port that became a “home” for about 100 migrants from Afghanistan.
    Calais is the place that captivates migrants for getting into England. There are known few temporary camps that allow foreigners to live in. One of them, called “the jungle” was closed.
    On Saturday, 6 February 2010, a local activist campaign group, No border, wanted to turn that storehouse in a permanent shelter for migrants, but unfortunately, French police did not that happen.
    Now, French Immigration Minister Eric Besson comments upon this issue by not allowing in future the formation of other „new jungle” in or around Calais.
    In conclussion, the illegal camps such as „the jungle” are going to be unveiled being established in result of the closed Red Cross Center in Sangette in 2002.


    According to BBC News article the US Department of Justice still doesn’t approves the idea of Google to create huge digital library.
    Main reasons why this big plan to scan and distribute millions of books online is rejected are the antitrust and copyright concerns, also the complaints of Amazon which say’s that Google’s plan could lead to monopoly.
    Google Books first started to be implemented in 2004 but in 2005 it was put on hold Google started to face many trials on copyright infringement.
    An answer if this plan could go through was scheduled on October 2009 but due to many objections around the world and some issues with publishers and with orphan book that are titles which author cannot be found, the Department of Justice sent the deal back to planning step.
    Google is struggling to make this program work and Google spokesperson always states that this will unlock millions of books in US. And they are looking forward to a decision favorable for them.
    A hearing on the settlement will be on 18 February and then Google will find out if it can continue with its plan of an online library.

  3. According to BBC news a battle that began a quarter of a century ago is ended and now the Neapolitan pizzas are protected from imitation and now Neapolitan pizza is a part of Europe’s food heritage.
    The trademark is a great honor for pizza makers and they are very happy that The Traditional Speciality Guaranteed label on Naples pizza was approved. It means that all pizzerias that want to supply pizzas in future will be checked by a special commission if their product is corresponding to standards. They include using only San Marzano tomatoes and fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese but now half of Italy’s pizzerias use the wrong ingredients.
    And now thanks to TSG pizza producers not only can be proud of their exclusivity, but also to charge premiums and in the end pizza makers from Naples will get their slice of action.

  4. Potrimba Iana - FB28K
    “Music Lost Decade: Sales cut in half”
    According to the author of “Music Lost Decade: Sales cut in half”, Grammy Awards states that the music industry is doing a great job, but in 2009 the value in money of this business reduced by 50% and it doesn’t seem that it is going to increase soon.

    The entire earnings from the U.S. music sales this year are $6.3 billion, when in 1999 it was more than $14.6 billion.

    The vice president of the recording industry says that the purchase of music albums decreases by 8% each year and the music business suffers because it can hardly adapt to the customers requirements, like to substitute the old ways of listening to music with the new methods, as digital music. However this replacement becomes a huge problem for the music industry today, as people stop buying CD’s and search for different techniques to obtain music by not paying for it.

    According to Sonal Gandhi, a music analyst, only 44% of U.S. Internet users and 64% of people from America consider that digital music should be purchased, but still the 90% of the market get music for free, as BigChampagne Measurement argues.

    The negative side of downloading music for free is that none can stop this, but from the other side as Dan Ingala argues it becomes easier to collect the new fans as an example are the 100,000 downloads for free that equal to 100,000 CD’s.

    Where we’re headed? The difficulties of music business can turn out to be a good possibility to increase the sales back. Digital licensing is the answer. Last year the outcome was $84 million and it will continue to go up. The vice president of RIAA, Friedlander supports the idea with the fact that the industry is doing great by choosing the right direction again.

  5. You can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow.

    I totally agree this quote because business is a competition and in every contest only the best competitor wins, but in order to be the winner in business you have to show high performance. New technologies help people to be professionals.

    A report of the Office of Advocacy reveals that technology and computing has become an inseparable ingredient in the business world today. The one thing that does apply to all of us is that if we fall too far behind the technology curve me will be out of business.

    Some financial analysts state that this world economic crisis may be just the kick off that we need to make us do something bold –invest in new technologies, because this is the only thing is going to help us in the long-run.

    Apple, one of the most successful companies in the world is a relevant example of how useful the new technology is. Steve Jobs in his presentations always applies new revolutionary methods and as a result he obtains the title CEO of the decades.

    Linked in is another example of using new technology in your business activity. It is an easy and accessible way to find the best partners suppliers, customers and the best skilled employees.

    As a conclusion I would like to point out that history shows us that, people as Steve Jobs and companies as Apple, that are taking into account the importance of progress, changes, evolution in their activities have been always on the top, one step in front of mediocrity.

    Mamaliga Liza, FB 28 k

  6. "Music's lost decade:Sales cut in half"
    The article “Music’s lost decade: Sales cut in half”, published by David Goldman on February 2, states that the music industry had an upturn 10 years ago until 2009, the high incomes declining day by day.
    According to Forrester Research, the total profit from U.S. sales in 2009 constitutes $6.3 billion, but in 1999 it was $14.6 billion.
    The Recording Industry reports that music album’s returns decline by 8% each year. This is the result of replacement the old ways of listening to music with new one. The specialists consider that the main reason that caused sales to drop off is digital music. As David Goldberg says CD will always remain a profit maker, even though it disappears.
    The disease of getting music for free was brought by file-sharing service, Napster, which totally changed people’s mind. Such companies as Apple’s and iTunes try to adapt people to pay for digital music, but nevertheless the illegal downloads represent 90% of the market.
    Meanwhile, Dan Ingala supports the idea that illegal downloads increase the popularity of celebrities, giving the example of 100 000 free downloads equal to 100 000 CD’s.
    So what we have at the moment? Passing through many obstacles is the first step to success. Nowadays Internet offers too much free music, that’s why it should be licensed. Digital licensing earnings in 2009 were $84 million, which are supposed to soar. The Recording Industry believes that the music industry won’t be unsettled anymore, moving toward the right and desirable track.

  7. The article “Could Greece be expelled from the euro zone?” published by Andrew Walker on 3 February 2010, in BBC New relates the economical situation of Greece which has a disastrous budget deficit that exceed four times the euro zone rules reaching the figure of 12,7%.
    At the moment there are 2 main issues on the agenda of EU. They concern the possibility of Greece to quit the euro or even to be expelled. One of the articles published on the European Central Bank’s site states the risk of secession even though not mentioning directly Greece. One of the reasons for this dramatic ending is the fact that a default in one of the EU countries can severely affect the entire Union’s economy. Unfortunately Greece is not the only one on the list. Spain, Ireland and Portugal are also facing serious problems.
    The article is offering some solutions that would include a voluntary departure of the state or the creation of a community that won’t contain the problematic countries. This is due to the fact that legally the expulsion is almost impossible to realize.