Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Final E-Portfolio

It's time to wrap up the academic year. Your task is to create a digital portfolio reflecting your work this semester. Feel free to be as creative as you want!

a) Read about what a student digital portfolio is: 

c) Go to wordpress, create a free account and start working on your eportfolio!
To help you out, please check the video tutorials below:

d) Your portfolio should have the following pages or posts:

1. About me ( your CV, hobbies, skills, extra curricular activities, why you study at ASEM, why you chose Banking and Finances, etc)

2. My favourite blog post (go to our blog and choose one video you liked the most, post it on your e-portfolio and explain in 200 words why you liked it, what you learned from it and why other business students should watch it too)

3. My newspaper (place your newspaper about the 5 most important business news of 2011 )

4. Business Correspondence (Create a short summary using the textbook - Business Correspondence - which will include the following:

- This semester I studied .... types of business letters (create a list)
- Give a short definition for each type of letter (For example letter of inquiry, also known as a prospecting letter or letter of interest, is sent to companies that may be hiring, but, haven't listed specific job openings.)
- 5 important expressions for each type (We would like to thank you for your letter of ... inquiring (asking for information) about ..., Enclosed you will find ..., In answer to your question (inquiry) about ..., We look forward to ... hearing from you / receiving your order / welcoming you as our client (customer)

5. My favorite articles (Choose two articles we read in class (from xerox copies) and write a 150 word summary for each one - why the article was interesting, what you, as a business student, learned from it, why other business students should read it)

Other important rules!

- use pictures to make your portfolio more eye catchy
- check your spelling before you place it on the portfolio
- be organised - use bullet points, charts, graphs when necessary
Now let's have a look at your work:
- Cornelius Portfolio - a very creative and artistic portfolio, great graphics and very good organisation of information.
Olga A's Blog - very clear, step by step portfolio; easy to navigate and find the right information. Good analysis of the favourite blog post.
- Olga O's Blog - Wonderful analysis of a favourite article (AVON) with additional materials and a very good bullet point presentation of the articles from her newspaper.
- Corina E-Portfolio - Corina created a business student portfilio with "a special touch". Great job in the "business correspondence" section.

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