Sunday, February 15, 2009

Forbes: Corruption is the enemy of wealth, trust and justice

I have just read a very interesting article on corruption by Forbes. Have a look at the World Map Corruption Distribution:
- Identify Moldova's place and rating - any surprises there?
- What do you think of the world distribution of corruption?
- Which countries are placed on the top and which are on the bottom of the scale?
- Do you agree with Michael's Johnston's quote that "Corruption is the enemy of wealth, trust and justice"?
- How do you explin this: Australia was among the world's most corrupt countries 100 years ago; now it is among the least?
- How can we fight it in our country?


  1. I’m not surprised that MoIdova is one of the most corrupt countries, or here the corruption became something normaI, usuaI...nourdays to be corrupt is confused with to be
    succsefuI ...I think that corruption and Iack of transparency are the first reasons why MoIdova is the poorest Europpean country...changes can be done...we are infected with bribing-virus and we need a Iong- term treatment - changes in our way of thinking... and a very good doctor- a transpasent governance...
    I encourage u not onIy to say that we are smart{if this is true,why we don’t win NobeIs?} and heartopened, and hardworking{then why we prefer to pay for our marks and not to Iearn?} but to try to convince with our personaIity, our abiIities not with money...Iet’s be honest...Iet’s do it...:)

  2. Coruption for us it is a big problem ! That can be solved only with government help !!! People who most of all take bribe are policemen,teachers .... But why the do this ? Becouse their salary are to small and they can't support their familiies. One of the factor that will reduce coruption: If government will rice salary to those people (but it is to hard to do in our undeveloped country + this economic crisis influence on finance resources of Moldova).
    I found on austraian site anti-coruption policy that help them to escape from coruption:
    This anti-corruption policy outlines three elements to combat corruption in the region: building constituencies for anti-corruption reform; reducing opportunities for corruption and changing incentives for corrupt behaviour. The policy provides a basis for the expansion of existing anti-corruption activities throughout Australia's aid program.
    I think if we want to escape from corution we must look at all states how they fight with coruption,and take the best ideas and inplement the in our country !!!

  3. Frankly speaking,it is well-known that in Moldova bribering it ia widespread "phenomenon".
    It is one of the main problems of our country,and it is to be mentioned that corruption now breaks new records.
    Who can solve this?
    First of all,in this process should be involved people who are used to give bribes,and those people who don't understand that corruption become as worse as we ignore it.
    Also should be recognized that corruption can have a strong impact on political,economical,social and ecological security of the state.While we accept the existence of this fact,we will have to suffer from it consequences.From economic point of view,corruption stagnate our economic growth,because other countries doesn't trust our Moldova as an econimic and political partner.
    And in my opinion the government can't stop the expansion of bribering,even if they will punish as much as it posible.All depends on our reactions to the solving of this problem!

  4. Who can be surprised by the fact that Moldova is one of the most corrupted countries? A lot of people from Moldova can't imagine their life without corruption. "How can we fight it in our country?" it's a very interesting question and I think that to answer is very easy "We must stop to give bribes and when someone gives it, just don't take" but it is only easy to speak about it, and when comes the time to do something all that honesty, and anti-corruption way of thinking disappears... The only way to stop corruption, is just to forget the meaning of this word, and the way it works, but I think that it will never happen. Even if in the whole world corruption will disappear, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine will never stop practice it, there will always be such people who will give bribes and who will take them, that’s the way it works and it will never stop working. It’s a little bit sad and pessimistic but it’s the truth.

  5. German people like to drink beer, Americans adore cola and hamburgers, Sicilians are keen on vendetta, Moldovan people are fond of corruption…

  6. -Studying the World Map Corruption Distribution, I got surprised by Moldovas's place and rating (2.0-2.9), 2nd level of distribution.
    -I partially agree with the fact that the richer the country is, the more corruptive it becomes...But,in my humble opinion, most of all it deals with legislative power + the ruling policies.
    -As I have noticed such countries as Venezuela, Afganistan, Pakistan, some petty countries from Central Africa are included in the list of the top Curruptive ones. But I got amazed by the fact that such as Spain, France, Germany, U.S., Canada, Australia, U.K. and Japan are least corruptive.
    -On the one hand, I do agree with this quote, because the corruption is the opposite and at the same time the enemy of justice and trust.But speaking about wealth, it's more connected to people's talent, technologies and skills in order to get or to obtain the wealth, because it does not imply bribing and frauding.
    -I consider that the root of any problem, in our case-the corruption, lies inside the thoughts in the heads (Government, Parlament), it means that if there is a bright, just and objective manager who succeeds in guiding and influencing possitively, it will lead to eradication of countries as it happened with Australia.
    -Only then when each citizen of our country concentrates not only on the immediate profits, but of country measuring rod (scale) as a whole, Parlament would be less careless about the economic situation in the country.
    Maybe with years, Moldova could turn into a prosperous and economical independent country.