Friday, February 13, 2009

Obama's Plan to fight the crisis

Read about Obama's plan to fight the world crisis.
Do you thin this plan will help the US economy to avoid recession?

If there is a silver lining to the current sorry state of our economy and financial markets, it is that the Obama administration and Congress are likely to bend over backwards to make life a bit easier for taxpayers. Their focus will be on restarting our economy, and increasing taxes won't help. Eventually, of course, taxpayers will be stuck with the bill. More here:

Watch the following video - what does the author have to say about Obama's plan?


  1. Hehe it's like a way to brake down Obama's reputation!!!!!!!!
    I don't see how this plan can improve the economic situation of USA. How they can escape from crisis while export of American's fuel is decreasing, and import of foreign fuel is increasing???
    I don't think that this is a good idea. How you can improve your situation while you pay for importing for foreign fuel ??
    Is Obama's idea to stop exporting their fuel? I think that this is a kind of strategy to stop exporting with the reason to mentain their fuel resources...

  2. The most interesting feature that characterizes us-human beings-is that we will never be satisfied with the choice that we've made.
    For example, the case of President Obama. There is no doubt that he is an historical character from now on. And we should take into consideration not only his roots (even if it is an amazing fact, his relatives still live in Kenya), but also the political, economical and the general situation in the country. He "inherited" a crisis and I do believe that he isn't doing very well now. An entire world is waiting for a swimbelt and Obama is the one who has to pump in a very gentle way, in order not to damage it.
    So... This is my view about Obama's situation. As for me, he can direct 2 possible endings:
    1. happy end and become the second Roosevelt
    2. second variant doesn't exist, because one can't imagine something else than variant number 1.

    In this way, Obama began working. Even if politics isn't my domain I believe that Obama knows how to act and what to do. Being ill a person has to bear all the unpleasant treatment otherwise the risk of worsening is too big.
    That's why I can’t blame Obama’s policy. Yes, it sounds strange that he wants to import more fuel to the prejudice of local suppliers. But is well-known that USA is the country with the biggest oil reserves in the world, which were constantly amplified before the crisis.
    If speaking about his tax policy I think that it is something logical. A crisis implies a lot of sacrifices. However the entire world has adapted a policy of diminishing tax rate, in comparison with America. Obama is on the point of raising the taxes for those 10% richest people of America. It is strange that someone tries to criticize this initiative. Robin Hood still remains a hero!

    In conclusion I want to say that no matter for how long or how difficult this process is going to be, I strongly believe that this crisis is going to be overpassed.

    P.S. I've had a dream with Obama. He was thanking me for my help. I was the one who helped him to become the president of US. It was the strangest dream that I have ever had :)

  3. I remember ,Aliona, your dream!!!! It sounded very strange but who knows? :)

    Speaking about the authors point of view...WHat can people do better when something bag happens??
    Criticise of course and blame somenone for what happened!!!
    That's what everyone does now...but not Obama is to blame...he tries to implement a solution to overpass the crisis ....It was said...."does it sound familiar?" He is the president and he has to decide something in order to insure people that everything will be fine till the end and i'm sure that it will! Maybe it is too early to judge but i think that he is a person to trust in! :)

    I heard that those who write with their LEFT hand are smart and became famous and successful people in the world:
    1.Albert Einstein
    2.Aristotle-the philosopher
    3.Julius Caesar
    4.Napoleon Bonaparte
    5.Bill Gates
    6.Benjamin Franklin !!!
    7.Thomas Jefferson
    8.Harry S. Truman
    9.John F. Kennedy
    10.George Bush Sr.
    11.Collin Powell
    12.Bill Clinton
    And there are a lot of them more!!!! I believe that Obama will rule the country with great success!!!! :)

  4. The Iast news said that obama’s first step is going to be a succsefuI one...I think America wiII avoid the recession... not onIy due to obama’s pIan but because americans can do this ,, as a nation...they’d proved that every crisis make them stronger...I don’t know if this is the most resonabIe soIution but I think that they know better what to do then those who made this video,which is anti-obama,for sure... :)

  5. I totally agree that this is an anti-Obama ad. We will never know exactly the truthfulness of one or another candidate’s purposes and intentions, mainly because each policy is minutely analyzed by a plethora of professionals who perfectly know people’s psychology.
    I would vote neither Obama nor McCain, they both represent “extremes”, therefore choosing one of them it’s not far from making a mistake. To counterbalance it I will remind you about an other “candidate”. Have you heard that Paris Hilton declared her candidacy on a comedian website? The video was shown all over the world in the news. People were surprised. “Are they sober to release something like that?” Afterwards many acknowledged her policy being efficient to the right degree. Hilton suggested doing a “hybrid of both candidates’ ideas”, “doing limited offshore drilling with strict environmental oversight, while creating tax incentives to get Detroit making hybrid and electric cars”; this is the point where the “extremes meet”. Of course I didn’t take it seriously, and nobody did but isn’t it ironic?
    Returning to the topic, my conclusion is simple: USA possess huge oil reserves, which Obama is going to keep for the time being, and sell them in the future at an extremely high price:)

  6. Anitta - wow - your comment rules!! have no other words to add in here : ))

  7. Ana, It's funny you mentioned Paris Hilton and her video on Youtube. Despite being Paris Hilton (her name is self explanatory) she has done a great job in self promoting so far, so let's not underestimate her :)) As far as Obama is concerned, I belive the time will tell - anyway, USA has made a rather original choice thsi time, don't you agree?

  8. This video makes all us ask ourselves about the real change American society and economics may face after having elected the new president Barak Obama and makes us think about the true “faultlessness” of this politician’s electoral ideas …
    As it is being mentioned, Obama’s ideas have been tried back in time of American history, and all they ended in the increase of problems in the field of economics etc: domestic oil production failed by 5% and us reliance on foreign oil increased by 10% for example…
    The author doubts about Obama’s plan efficiency to fight the economic crisis admitting that ideas he suggested have a high degree to fail…