Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Top 100 Moldova Business - which bank made it in the list

Visit the Top 100 Moldova Business website and find out which bank got into the top 100 businesses in the country. Answer the following questions:

1) Which bank is recognized as the leader in the banking sector of Republic of Moldova?

2) Which are the two big categories of customers the organization structure of MAIB is set up on?

3) What did the bak create in order to ensure a more efficient and qualitative catering of the commercial customers?

4) What is the bank's network? (branches and representative offices)

5) Do you agree with the authors of this website? Why? Why not? Is there another Moldovan bank which should have gotten in the list? What are the criteria for selecting a top bank?


  1. I can't say that it was a surprise for me that Moldova Agroindbank is in this TOP 100 MOLDOVA BUSINESSES! I am a client of this this bank for 1 year,yes, it is not a lot but I like it.
    The bank possesses 61 branches and 26 representative offices in Moldova. It's quite convenient I think! Each branch or office is allocated in such a way that you don't have to lose your time in order to go to the "mother" bank!

    It is said about the most qualitative and also competitive banking services and products on our market and about the particular solutions that the bank can face with according to the most various and ambitious requirements of the clients...it just convinced me one more time that it is a good bank and you can trust in it!

    There was a bit of statistic facts about how much of the assets they have from the entire market, and also about the number of the comercial credits on the market that belong to them -it was about 24 %...I think it not so bad, at least those 300.000 clients prove that the bank has success on our market.
    Of course we have other banks in Moldova, like Victoria Bank...I think that it could also have gotten in this list of Top 100. Speaking about the criteria of selecting the "best" bank from my point of view at first I would find out what does this bank offer and of course how much time is it on the market and how much people are already the clients of that bank.

  2. WARREN BUFFETT cel mai bogat om din lume cu o avere estimată la 58 miliarde de dolari.


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  4. In our wonderful country there are 100 successful businesses. On the site Top 100 Moldova Business we can find only about 40 of them. Does it mean that the rest are not that successful or it’s just a Moldovan style of presenting information…? Among the best of the best there are: production and distribution of winery products companies, insurance services companies, constructions and developing companies, consulting and advertising services companies, and “tadadada!” – only one bank! MAIB is a really leading bank! Its market quotation is of 21,42%,its total assets equal to 6888609121 MDL, while the 2nd place Victoria Bank got only 12,98% and 4106942000MDL! Sorry for the 2007 year data :) Actually, VictoriaBank and Banca de Economii could also be in that list! Congratulations to our banking system it is flourishing but…at a slow pace, unfortunately.

  5. Moldova Agroindbank is the leader in the banking sector of Republic of Moldova. For me, it wasn't a surprise to find out about this because I knew that this bank is the best one.
    The organisation structure of MAIB is set up towards two big categories of customers: commercial and retail. MAIB offers a lot of financial services which are specialized for companies, institutions and private investors. All of these are integrated with other banking operations.
    At the moment the bank possesses 61 branches and 26 representative offices in Moldova. I think it is more than enough for our small and beautiful country :).
    Choose Moldova Agroinbank and you won't regret!
    "...Moldova Agroindbank – Your Business Partener..."
    by Reshetnic Cristina, FB-29G