Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Net Profit of the Banking System in Moldova - 2008 review - 2009 prediction

According to the Moldavian Business Portal in 2008, net profit of the banking system of Moldova amounted to 1 billion 270,3 million leis ($ 120,6 million), having increased by 16,9% as compared with 2007. Review the numbers posted on the official website and answer the following questions:

1. Did the share of foreign investments in the capital of the banks amounted or decreased in 2008?

2. How about the total assets of the banking system of Moldova ( refer to the net loan portfolio)

3. Which sectors accounted for the greatest share of the total loan portfolio:

- loans to agriculture and food industry

- loans for industry and trade

- mortgage loans for construction and development

4. Did the deposits increase or decrease in 2008?

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