Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What World Bank has to say about Eastern Europe and the World Crisis

Why did Latvia’s prime minister and cabinet resign on Friday?
Why did leaders of Europe met over the weekend in Berlin?
What did World Bank President Robert Zoellick have to say about Western nations and the economies of Eastern Europe?
Are Western banks more focused on their core markets at home or are more willing to extend the needed credit to the east?
Read the Article published in the CSMonitor on February the 23rd and find out the answers.

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  1. Europe's leaders have met in Berlin to ask a doubling of an IMF fund,to help nations in crisis.
    Mr Zoellick said that Western nations must imply in the economies of Eastern Europe,because are'' the most exposes'' to this recession.
    Western banks are unwilling to credit Eastern banks., they are focusing on heir core markets at home.
    Latvia's government collapsed as the national currency plunged and because of antigovernment protests.