Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Make it in Moldova"

" Make it in Moldova " - Moldovan investment promotion campaign on BBC

So this is the way Moldova is trying to call new investments and new foreign capital to increase it's economic situation. Here we see an optimistic example to show our situation of our country, of living here. It is the best way to show how moldavian people are.
If Moldova is not developed country it doesn't mean that this country don't wont to increase it's level of economy and the level of general situation. Moldavian people is actively participating in implementing new ideas, new technologies and all kind of new stuff in our economy and in our culture.

" Let's Make It In Moldova "

Watch this video - what do you think about this video?
Make a comparison with the video of World's Bank about Moldovas situation and "Moldovan investment promotion campaign" video.
How do you think what is the best video for Moldova to improve wellbeing?


  1. So I think that it is very good advertisement for our country !!! Becouse if we want to change something in our country we must think positive and attract investors in our country.

  2. Maladets, Sasha!! :)
    You know, I am always filled with emotions and annoyance (as sasha was) when I hear that people are talking with disregard about Moldova.
    Ok, maybe a foreign eye view can be disputed, because you can explain him who "rocks the house" and that Moldova isn't a dusky place. But I hate when people from their own country are saying things like: "Eeee... Ca la moldoveni!"
    This is the main reason why videos like that made by World Bank appear.
    Moldova's future development lies on our shoulders and consciousness.
    Even if it sounds a little bit naive, but I believe that our future is bright, as long as we will trust in our beloved Moldova.

    RM 4ever!!!
    "Be the change that you want to see in the world" Mahatma Gandhi

  3. cool!!! THAT'S IT! i like this point of view!!!
    I agree that our country is full of smart people- we know at least 3 languages, then we are hardworking, we like everything to be clean, we are very open-minded, we like to help people...etc!
    i agree with Aliona that the one who say : "eeee.....Moldova" are only our people and not those from other countries!!!And if we want everyone to think better about us's us who have to change the attitude!!!!
    We will manage to have a good future!!!!

  4. I am glad you liked the video or rather the basic idea it promoted - let's hope it will have a real impact on the world of investors out there :)

  5. Watching this video, i remembered about another side of our country. I should say that i really liked it, and especially the things which were said.
    I fully agree with the fact that our small European country is full of hard-working, open-hearted and really educated population, with Lively, dynamic capital cities and with a reliable economic situation.
    I think that it would be great, if we could have the chance of such investment.Our nowadays situation would somehow change and would bring a new wave towards us.
    If i take this video and the one with WB, i could say that i surely like more, this one. Because, the side which is described in that video is less attractive and it's far from the reality.

  6. The first video, undoubtedly, is an optimistic one. Being presented as a “small European country with young multilingual population and beautiful, very fertile countryside”, we find the best traits of our country emphasized, so attractive and welcoming for the foreign investors.
    On the other hand, the second film can be called as one of the most pessimistic. Only the name of “the poorest European country” speaks a lot by itself, and the idea of its total dependence on the World Bank, the images of total poverty, unemployment, emigration, of people walking without shoes, of the first attempt to connect a city to internet and so on is simply amusing.
    Compared, they strike by contradiction. In one we have a young developing country with a bright future, in the other – a state, so far from the products of the modern civilization, with a “rough, poor landscape and a gleaming sky”.
    No doubt, the optimistic video is the best one for improving the well being. Best advantages should be presented in order to make a country the object of the future development and foreign investments, to have an image of an experienced area ready to open new businesses and develop their state.

  7. Hey!! I try to be optimistic about MoIdova's situation,but I reaIIy can't..I'm too disappointed on my a young person,this is onIy a can this convince me..when I go out I see somthing eIse... I see the reaIity , which is not so bright...
    I hope in a better future. I'm ready to participate on improving MoIdova's weIIbeing,'cause I 'm a patriotic person, but I stiII appreciate this Iike a very difficuIt mission,but not impossibIe,of course. 

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  9. It is a nice video!
    It encourage not only the investors that "bring" their money in our country,but us,as the citizens too.We are used to hear only from the negative side about our small country.But as we see in video,we have a not so nasty situation as we consider.
    The citinzens of our country create by themselfs a bed opinion about Moldova,if somebody are to be blame,a can say that WE ARE this persons!

  10. "There are financial incentives in Moldova" - which are they??
    Maybe i am blind but i can see nothing special in this video about Moldova. If not to hear the voice of the person who commented on this video and a short image of Moldova on that map, i would say it can be any other country of the world. 0.38 seconds to attract investors - sounds like- WOW - really impressive!
    Promotion video makers ought to emphasize those aspects of our country which would make it clear to everybody what domains are better to place your financial resources in.

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  12. Sincerely i agree that Moldova is a good market for foreign countries because we have different fields that need to be improved and i think that the most powerful are the foreign inestors that can really invest a huge amount of money in order to open a good and solid business that will develope Moldova so its level of economy will rise.
    ...but in this video there isn't enough information about Moldova that will attract the new investors, i think we can tell more for make a good advertisment, that will attract our future investors...